Case Studies.

23 02 2012

My ability to be distracted from what I should be doing is just fucking awful, but I like to think I compensate for it by doing something I enjoy. What I mean is, right now I should be writing for a job but I’ve opted to write about Case Studies because I feel it is more beneficial for anyone/everyone if I do that. I have no idea how or why this works, I’m just going to go with it. I’m better at writing than I am with applying for jobs, obviously. If only I could make a living from this…clinging onto the dream with all I have by the day.

I’ll tell you why I love Case Studies as best I can. I’m not sorry if I stop making sense and ramble. I never am. One of my favourite singers of all time (apart from Morrissey) is Townes Van Zandt. I love the pain that came through in Townes’ music. I loved how he was so open with his songs, even the covers- he still made them is own. I loved his endearing drawl in his voice. I just loved all he was, no singer has ever really mastered that kind of tone. Until now.

Case Studies is truly like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I think I’m slowly accepting that America is pretty much the home to amazing music, and if anyone wants to help me out and get me there so I can experience it FULLY..I’d be forever grateful. I’d send you a postcard and a trinket. Case Studies creates music that is just so beautiful. Jesse Lortz is an INCREDIBLE musician that I firmly suggest you read up about if you’re not familiar with him. He’s just a fantastic artist..he is his art. He is so perfect. That voice, jesus christ.

I know I love music that most would just dismiss as “noise” and it does piss me off, because it has more substance than most stuff around but hey, it happens. I’ll keep it all in my heart and echoing in my ears. Case Studies is such a wonderful project. The lyrics on these songs are enough to tame a wild heart and break a strong person.

“Ask me how straight is the line that I walk,  like an arrow that’s flying straight to the sun.  Don’t ask me ’cause I’ll only lie yeah, don’t ask me ’cause I’ll only lie.  Well, I’d tell you the truth but you know in your heart it’ll only make you cry.”

Lies is one of my favourite tracks off the record (The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night.) I love how sleepy Jesse’s voice sounds. The lyrics are painfully honest- he’s an honest liar in this song. At least he knows his faults, you can’t hate on a person if they own if to their faults. Things like this make you believable. When you can be this real and honest in your lyrics (and life) you become a person that others will feel some connection with. Maybe they’ll want to change your ways, but don’t let them- because then you’ll be the worst kind of liar.

Most of the songs on this record were recorded in a cabin, which as daft as it may sound, makes you feel like you are there in the cabin with Jesse and all those involved in the record sat around a fire singing these songs. Sure there are some songs that may sound a bit dark and haunting. But overall, this record has such a homely and comforting feel to it. It feels like it is nursing you back to good health, and gives you strength. Not all of us are rocks, and most that act tough are sometimes the most weak. This record embraces all the qualities that make us human. There is no shame in being a mess, there is also no shame in being tough. There is shame however, in covering up all you are in order to impress. I think this is why I am single hah.

As a debut record as Case Studies, it is a body of perfection. To find any fault in it would make you foolish. Just like to not listen to this record would make you foolish. I know it is one I will keep going back to when I just need something I cannot get from a person or a book. It just offers you so much more than you thought a record could, and that..that is what makes an artist stand out from all the others.



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