Naked On The Vague.

23 02 2012

Thankfully, Naked On The Vague are no longer a two-piece, as I probably would’ve had to tame my love for The Kills in order to love them as much. They’ve added two more members, so I can go back to loving them with all I have. Which, I guess is a lot. More than I should? I don’t care. Some people just do not get what it is to love a band with all you have. It is almost as if your heart beats in time with their drums, and your soul sings and comes alive to the singer’s voice. There’s always a hint of romanticism in what I write, I like to try make it subtle but some bands just make you drag it all out. Naked On The Vague are clearly having a positive effect on my ears.

Punk, they say is DEAD! It’s okay because some things..and some people who are dead are better than what is alive. For instance, Tupac is the greatest rapper, and nobody alive is better. Punk is the best genre to have ever existed, nothing after it has ever meant much. You see? Good. Maybe Punk is dead. You know what I hate? People that call Blink 182 and bands like that Punk. Joey Ramone would be spinning in his grave. There is fuck all Punk about bands like that, but twits like to ruin what was good don’t they. Anyway, with that outburst I’m over it. I’ve got Naked On The Vague to make up for it.

Call it Punk if you want to, call it whatever you want- just do not use any negative words. Maybe I’ll hunt you down if you do. I jest, I don’t have it in me to do such a thing. Unless you’re Alison Mosshart..then I’ll hunt you down, and just ask for you to love me. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t see how beautiful she is. Where am I going with this? I have no idea. Back to the music.

Naked On The Vague have that amazing early sound of The Cure and Siouxsie to their music, so I guess they’re not really Punk..they’re just fucking amazing. Why bother with genres when you can just say..”I like it” or “I don’t like it.” To Hell with labels! Denounce them and use them no more! But, you probably will. They’re as noisy as fellow Australians, Chicks Who Love Guns, but are tamer on the ears. However both are equally loved by me..and it’s a lot of love, you know that.

Naked On The Vague have supported the likes of Zola Jesus and Thee Oh Sees, and yes two acts I happen to love ever so much. It’s not like I’m trying to inflict my own personal opinion upon you, I just want you to listen to Naked On The Vague. That’s all 😉

Another thing that caused me to fall in love with them is that in some tracks, they have that dark, haunting feel that is found in Bauhaus (yes, another favourite of mine.) They’re dark, raw and noisy- so basically everything I love really.



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