Pati Yang-Wires And Sparks.

22 02 2012

If Robyn, Bat For Lashes, Lykke Li and The Knife got thrown together and formed some kind of musical offspring- you’d get Pati Yang.

“Wires And Sparks is like a postcard. It’s about that moment when you realise you can’t live without someone but you can’t be with them either; you have to make a choice. It’s about a break up, and how it hurts but you know it has to. This moment has got to be honoured, cherished as the end is a part of it. It has its meaning, weight and beauty. And even though you can’t think straight from the pain of it, you can embellish it.”

That’s Pati touching on what the new EP is about. Don’t worry, this EP isn’t as whiney as a certain person’s record that has won every award possible. It isn’t an annoying record, and honestly if I didn’t read up about the record, I wouldn’t have realised it was such a painful record. I would’ve just made up my own meaning. But hearing it as what it is, just makes you connect more with the record even more. It’s been a while since I’ve felt what she is describing, and I find it hard to imagine myself feeling that way about anything..or anyone. I guess I’ve taught myself to be stubborn and immune to any form of pain due to..well, you know. Then you have records like this. It just sends you to the very core of heartbreak and abandonment. Two feelings nobody ever wants to feel again once they have felt it. But trust me, when you’ve felt it more than twice it stops getting to you. I don’t mean it in a bitter way at all. I don’t have it in me to be a bitter person. I just don’t see the point. Wish the ones that do you wrong well, and move on. The alternative is being a self-indulgent mess. That has never appealed to me.

Listening to this feels like you are floating away from heartbreak. It doesn’t make it seem so bad at all to have your heart ripped out. Sure at the time, you just want the world to leave you alone and/or you want to leave the world. You have to go through the bad stuff in order to appreciate the good when it comes.

Wires And Sparks is a euphoric piece of art that makes you close everything off, in order to connect with every single beautiful word that pours out of Pati’s mouth, so gently. Her sheer fragility in her voice reminds me so so much of Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) and on the track, Breaking Waves when she hits the high note she reminds me of one of my true loves- Kate Bush. She tugs at your heartstrings much like Kate Bush does. This is such a gorgeous EP, and I feel truly honoured to have been sent it for review.

What I love about Wires And Sparks is how it sounds so painfully dark and eerie but it has such a vulnerable quality to it that could probably break the hardest of hearts. You may think you’re made of stone, but Breaking Waves may just cause you to fold. My personal favourite off the EP is Take A While. It’s 6 minutes long, and has such a hypnotising build-up. I always love that in a piece of music. I don’t care what genre it is. If you create an intense atmosphere in your music, I will probably love you.

The titled track off the EP is so beautiful. You feel like you are feeling everything- that’s pretty much a standard for every track on the EP if I’m honest. I know a lot always look for a fault in a record so they can balance it out, but I really cannot find anything. I wasn’t looking for anything negative to pick up on. I suppose it could be longer? But no, it’s just perfect the way it is.

The EP comes out 9th April, and if you have even half a brain-cell, you will buy it. The EP is produced by Joe Cross (he produced Hurts debut record.) However the most important thing you need to know about Pati is that she has supported one of the best and most influential bands of all time (I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge fan of the band) -DEPECHE MODE!!!! Pati is an acclaimed artist in her own right, but hopefully this EP will be the one that makes YOU listen, if you haven’t heard any of her work before.

I could probably whack out a few more hundred words on this EP, but all you need to know is that it is bloody brilliant and is out 9th April.



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