Spooky Campers.

10 02 2012

I was told to check out Spooky Campers. When someone tells me to do something, I have this wonderful thing of never listening. I’d rather fuck up on my own and be responsible rather than say “THEY TOLD ME TO DO IT.” With music, I always take on board if someone tells me to listen to a band or singer. I can’t say, “No thanks. I don’t like the name.” Or something stupid. Of course I dislike a lot, but you won’t find me shouting about it on here. If you want to find a blog that is fuelled by negative comments and sly digs- I’m sure you can find some spotty faced, angst ridden hipster blog somewhere. They’re probably the biggest hypocrite out there, alongside politicians.

Rant aside, and this does fit in- I’m glad I was told to listen to Spooky Campers (sunkensounds.tumblr.com) are to thank for that, so thank you to them.

What do I love about Spooky Campers? Okay the name, I love. But it’s the Garage Rock/lo-fi feel they have. You know how much I love this sound. I was thinking the other day, the music I listen to is probably the stuff some twat would call me out as being a “hipster” for. I was going to get offended then though- if having excellent music taste makes me that, then whatever. It beats being called a “cunt” again.

Spooky Campers are amazing. I know nothing about them. I don’t know where they are from, age, shoe size- I’m doing this to prove a point. You do not need to know everything about a band in order to enjoy the music. I’m more than happy to sit here, and write these words- just enjoying the music. Besides, what use is knowing anything personal anyway? It doesn’t alter my view on the music.

I’m trying to find a band I can link them to in order for me to say, “If you like….then you’ll dig Spooky Campers.” But, I cannot find anyone. Personally, I think that’s a fucking good thing. I’m listening to their music, and I’m thinking why it took me so long to find a band like this. A band that just create this stunning music that virtually nobody has heard of. I don’t want it to stay that way. I want everyone to listen to them. You see, a hipster wouldn’t tell you about them would they? They’d keep the band to themselves, and name drop them during Poetry Night whilst drinking some pretentious sounding made-up latte shit. I like Poetry Nights, but the only hot drink I like is tea. I want you to know Spooky Campers. I want it to be my personal mission to get these guys heard. So I’m starting with this piece on them. I do hope it makes you want to listen to them, because they are truly fantastic.

It does take quite a bit for me to instantly fall in love with a band- and it happened oh so easily with Spooky Campers. It is gnarly, it is passionate and it deserves to be heard by all of you.

Go listen : http://spookycampers.bandcamp.com/



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