The Small Print.

10 02 2012

I’ve got probably a list of things to do, and as a rebellious 25 year old (I have no idea who I’m rebelling against, but go with it. I want to seem like a badass for once. I’ve got the leather jacket.) I refuse to do them right now. I’ll probably never do them. Some may say it is rebellion, others may say I have a really bad memory. The latter is obviously apt, but let’s go with the former kids.

The Small Print are BRAND NEW. I was going to try throw in some really awful slang, but I’m not one for speaking in slang- unless I’m taking the piss. This blog post isn’t a piss take. It’s actually vital that you go listen to The Small Print. However, they don’t have many songs but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check them out. As they are so NEW, you need to get involved with them right now. Serious. Have you got snow where you are? Yeah, don’t go out. You can go to the pub anytime can’t you? You don’t want to fall over on ice when drunk. It can hurt (I’ve never done it, but I can fall over when sober and if nothing is even in my way.)

So, you have a choice of sites as to where you can check out the insanely wonderful sounds of The Small Print. As I am someone who likes to give and make others happy, I’m going to give you the links :

Becca’s voice is beautiful. She reminds me of…oh wait, NO ONE! She’s that good. Fuck the comparisons. That’s not happening here. However, Tom and AJ absolutley slay the drums and guitars much like Test Icicles did when they were around. They merge delicate vocals with brutal sounds. It’s honestly no surprise that I love them at all really.




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