Victories At Sea.

9 02 2012

I do hope that all these bands that are coming up from Birmingham right now are making London bands shit themselves out of fear. With the likes of Swim Deep making incredible music- they bloody well should be.

So, allow me to give you another band from the Midlands. If you love the electro feel of New Order or maybe of recent times- you love the euphoric feel of Foals..possibly M83 too. Whatever you’re into- you are truly going to love Victories At Sea. I’m not just saying this because I WANT you to dig them as much as I do. I just believe in showing off good music in any way possible. Just be glad we’re not friends because I would be sending you their music every single day. Ritualistically because that’s how I am (at times.)

Victories At Sea make music that makes you want to dance. They make you want to dance in that brilliant odd way like Ian Curtis. Or, just like a drunken idiot (I dance like that even when sober.) This euphoric lift that they give you just makes you feel so fucking good inside. Pardon my language, but I’m really feeling this music right in my bones. Music is the one solid thing that makes me happy. There’s always a few bands and songs that give me this feeling that I may never get from a person (I welcome the challenge.) And I’m getting it now from listening to Victories At Sea.

I know I love music that can be regarded as brutal and raw- but I do love music that just sends me into another world. A world that you create in your mind. Like the band are holding your hand, and guiding you towards this magical land. Where nothing and no one can disturb you.

Check out their wonderfully lucid tracks on their Soundcloud page : If you don’t dig it, then we may have to have words. Not harsh ones, but still. It’s been a long time coming, but I think this year the Midlands are going to be the ones to watch for music- and quite rightfully so.

They are playing the Roadhouse in Manchester on the 24th February. Make sure you go check them out!



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10 02 2012

These are cool!

11 02 2012

Cheers Stella! x

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