Baby Woodrose.

6 02 2012

I can list you the bands that make me feel like I am having an outer-body experience. I know you don’t want to hear it- but I’m going to give you a band that have been around for some time now, that make me feel like…man..they just make me fucking FEEL you know? This is the kind of band I could listen to if I felt like everything around me was fucked up and wrong, but they’d make me feel good again.

Baby Woodrose are funky as fuck. This is the “my god I am feeling this in my bones” kind of music. If you’d never heard of them before, and if you didn’t know any better- you’d assume they were another astounding Psychedellic band from L.A. They just have that chilled out and lucid vibe. They’re from Denmark. I don’t know much about music from Denmark, feel free to wing some bands my way if you want. I’ll check them out. If they sound like Baby Woodrose, I’ll buy you a drink. Or you can pretend I have. That’d be easier.

Readers, I cannot believe what I am hearing right now. How can something like this have been created over the past decade? This makes me feel like I’m losing myself in the 1960s, some place hot. You know exactly where. This is the kind of music that makes me want to hug someone out of sheer joy because I am so happy to be alive. This gnarly, passionate and trippy music is what keeps me going. You know, if Lester Bangs was still alive- I think that Baby Woodrose would be a band he adored. Man…if Lester was still alive, I would’ve already found a way to get to the States to find him and tell him he is my favourite Music Writer of all time. I’ll let you into a little secret- I aspire to be as amazing as him. I probably don’t have it in me, but I try. Everything I write is me trying to get closer to being a semi decent writer. Got to keep going. Music and writing- they are all I have. I don’t need much. Music like this makes me happy. Music like this makes me glad that my only love is music. This is some serious stuff right here.

I just want to know, why aren’t Baby Woodrose huge? Is it because nobody “gets” it? There’s nothing to GET about this music. It’s incredible, simple as. Is it because their name comes from a trippy based drug? I don’t know. All I know is that they are going up in my list of favourite bands, easily.

Baby Woodrose have a new album dropping in April. It’s called Third Eye Surgery. If you know what’s good for you, you will buy it. Also, check out all their records. Their first one, Blows Your Mind (which it will) is my favourite. And all you shallow fucks are wrong if you think I only like it for the front cover. As glorious as the naked woman is, I love it for the music.



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