Heartless Bastards.

5 02 2012

I know I’ve just written about a band that make you want to fuck shit up in such a passionate manner, but I need to give you something that will balance it out. I’d make some generic reference, but I don’t think I’m at that place right now. Or if I’ve ever been there. Who knows. Who cares. No one, kid. No one.

Heartless Bastards. What a bloody good name for a band. Their music (and I’m sure them personally) is not heartless at all. Think Beach House. You like Beach House? So do I. Aren’t they beautiful. So are Heartless Bastards.

I love the name, so I’ll keep typing it when referring to them (if I can remember.) Heartless Bastards are a band you need to play when you just want to get in your car and drive off somewhere. To escape those annoying fucks you know, or to just briefly get out of your head for a while. Again, this is another band I cannot give you the genre of. It always spoils it when a person does that. Like, say if a really good Pop singer came out- and a friend said to you, “You need to check out this new Pop singer!” You’d turn your nose up at it wouldn’t you? I don’t understand music snobs. Fuck off man, you’re not the one on stage getting paid to do something you love. You’re probably working in a bank and your boss smells of shit, and the people are shit. And the money is shit. To hell with your negative energy. I’ll never write about something I don’t like just to seem outrageous. I once had cheerios for dinner- that’s how crazy I am. Yeah, I know. Calm down ladies, I’m fucking wild…about as wild as a dead dog.

What was my point?

I don’t have one.

Heartless Bastards are band that make you want to get some wooden platform, stand on a porch and sing the songs to your neighbours and passers by. A real Southern feeling to this band (American not English, silly!) They make you feel warm and proud. I don’t know what you’re proud of, but they make you feel it. They just make you feel so good.

Their new record, Arrow is out soon. I’m not one for giving out advice, but I’m telling you now- to buy the record. If T-Rex ever made a country record, it’d sound like Heartless Bastards music. Not that they’re country, but they have a slight hint of it. I cannot describe it. Just go find out for yourself. You need them.

They’re just a bloody good and solid Rock band.



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