7 02 2012

Trying to find anything about this band just leads me to some stuff about sharks. I don’t mind because I do love sharks a hell of a lot. Probably more than I actually should. The conversations I’ve had about sharks with my 8 year old nephew are quite intense- on both our parts. Both old souls with a solid view on the world. We both COULD be superheroes. Anyway.

Shark? the band come from Brooklyn, which makes them another fantastic East Coast band. If Interpol were less dark but more aggressive- they’d be like this. It’s a good thing because I LOVE Interpol, and I love Shark?

So, why do I love this band? Well, they are from one of the best places in the world (okay, I’ve never been there but you know) and they are influenced by some bands that I adore, and hold very dear to me such as the Pixies and Sonic Youth. This shines through in their music- but by no means are they ripping any of these bands off at all.

Shark? are creating Garage Rock at its finest and I really do hope that you and the rest of the universe take notice of this band. Yeah, a lot of bands have so much to offer but there’s something I’ve found in Shark? that….I guess I can’t put it into words that will make any sense to you. So what I’m saying is- just go listen to the music and let it control you for a bit. It’s always okay to lose self control and throw yourself into something- especially if it is a form of art.




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