Anja McCloskey- A Kiss (video.)

I like songs that are a bit eerie, I like music videos to be the same. If it sounds demonic in some kind of delicate manner, I will probably love it. This is why I love Anja’s music. It is so beautiful. I don’t really listen to much acoustic kind of music anymore because I’m starting to find the vast majority of it boring and enough to make me want to hurl myself at a bus. Which is a bit of a bugger because I’m not a miserable person. I just don’t like singers that sound like they are in pain/warbling words that sound pretentious, and shit.

I love Anja’s music because she’s the opposite of all this. She’s probably the only artist of this genre that I an listen to over and over again, and not get bored.

A Kiss is out next week (16th January.) BUY IT.

She carefully tugs at your heartstrings with her music, making you feel as if she is singing to you. And only you.

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