Anja McCloskey.

4 01 2012

Last year, one of my loves was a wonderful band called Thomas Tantrum. David from the band has worked with Anja on her new track, A Kiss. A beautiful, haunting and captivating track. There’s no video at the moment (SOON!) But you can listen to it here :

Now, as someone who has grown quite sick and tired of acoustic based music. At the moment it just seems so dull and really boring. I won’t mention names because people don’t like it when you have an opinion. However, Anja McCloskey is neither dull nor boring. Her music is exciting, and much needed. By rights, she should be HUGE this year. However we are forced to enjoy manufactured bullshit that is churned out (or spat out) by reality TV shows. Basically, if you care about music that has true heart and passion- Anja McCloskey is for you. And yes, she was once in the band, TheĀ Irrepressibles.

You can buy her EP from here :

Her debut full length album is expected to be out this Summer. Worth the wait? More than likely.



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