Scott Walker.

69 years ago today, one of the greatest singer/song-writers of all time was born; Scott Walker.

I honestly do not need to go into great detail about inspirational and talented Scott is. That’s evident in his music. Solo, with other artists and as part of the Walker Brothers. Scott was one of the voices I frequently heard growing up, my mum was a huge fan.

His debut album, simply titled Scott, is one of my favourite records of all time. The album was evidently in a league of its own when it was released. It still is now. Obviously I wasn’t born when it was released, but when I listen to it now. No matter how many times I have played it, it still blows me away and just leaves me in awe.

I hate the word “cool.” It’s such a pointless word, but I guess if one had to list those that were cool- Scott Walker would be there. Right next to Lou Reed and Patti Smith. For me cool is just being comfortable with who you are, and not being afraid. I guess it isn’t cool- it’s just a sense of self security.

Anyway, enjoy some Scott based tracks. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!



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