Homophobia In Music.

6 10 2011

Around a week or so ago, something happened in America that made me realise even more that homophobia is disgustingly and sadly more alive than ever. A young lad named Jamey Rodemeyer who was only 14 years old, a baby, took his own life due to being bullied for being gay. He was part of the It Gets Better campaign. A few days later duo, Uh Huh Her (Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey) were taken off a flight just for kissing each other.

Do we throw straight couples off flights for kissing? No, we don’t. No one fucking looks, no one bats an eyelid. However, when it is two people of the same gender showing their affection for each other it is treated as if it is the worst thing in the world. It’s wrong how people will be vile towards two people of the same gender kissing each other, yet no one says a word when a parents hits their child in public.

We live in a world where love and compassion is no longer a core feature in society. We live in a world where all kinds of hatred are glorified and encouraged. This cannot continue. We are harming each other and neglecting unity. It is vile and HAS to end. Thing is, will it ever end? Will we ever live in a world where we just live and let live?

Homophobia is growing. I always knew it was bad and I’d be lying if I said I’d never been on the receiving end of it- more recent than I wish to acknowledge sadly. But for some reason unknown to the good people of the world, it seems to be getting worse. People kill themselves every single day because they are being ridiculed and shunned just because of their sexuality. It isn’t right. How can you possibly judge someone based on their sexuality? Why would you want to hate someone because they’ve found someone to love? Love is love. It has no race, it has no gender, it has no religion; it is just LOVE. When you find someone who can stand you even when you’re being a massive wanker- you’re one of the lucky ones. Not many of us find it or will ever find it. So why on earth would you want to stop someone finding something so precious, so sacred.

Uh Huh Her are a band that I adore, not because they are lesbians but because they make excellent music. Their sound isn’t defined by their sexuality. Just like Holly Miranda isn’t. She’s a singer/song-writer; her sexuality plays no part in her music. That’s how it should be.

Michael Stipe never used his sexuality to sell records for R.E.M; they sold records because of their talent.

Do musicians need to announce their sexuality? Well, it depends how you want to look at it. I don’t care for any of the artists I’m a fan of personal life at all. However, when a band you love has a gay band member you feel you can identify with them more; it gives you a personal connection. It gives you something to identify with.

For instance, Gossip was a band that helped me accept who I was. Now, I don’t use my sexuality to define who I am. Never have, never will. But when I was at Uni, I was away from a place that was so homophobic and small minded. I could finally live my life the way I wanted. I could finally be happy. I’d been a fan of Gossip before Standing In The Way Of Control was released, but when I heard it; it gave me strength and courage. If the song was around a few years prior, I would’ve saved myself a lot of hassle and hurt.

I know I frequently say music should bring us together, but a lot of Reggae/Dancehall artists are STILL promoting homophobia. It’s got to stop. In the Hip Hop community, artists such as Common are working towards stamping out homophobia in Hip Hop. It’s going to take baby steps to get rid of such a big problem, but hopefully people will see sense and stop being small minded. You cannot catch homosexuality- but homophobia is spreading. Kids are becoming more and crueler. Adults are becoming less and less understanding.

Seek refuge in music and just be yourself. People will try to take and take from you, but don’t ever give in. Something has to be done, it’s just a shame it takes a tragedy for people to wake up to what is happening.

Music is such a powerful force and if anything, it should be bringing us together. We need it now more than ever. We cannot be divided anymore. This HAS to end.

I want to finish this with something my mum posted on Facebook a few days ago, of all the people I know; she is by far the most wisest and compassionate human beings I know. I like think, no- I KNOW I inherited all my good qualities from her. My bad ones are just habits I picked up along the way of growing up and learning. Reading what she wrote made me proud to be her daughter and to be who I am. I’m lucky to have such an accepting mum. I know of so many that aren’t as lucky as me, and it makes me so sad. Like my mum has always said- my personal life isn’t her business so long as I am happy and safe. That’s all that matters. Here’s what she wrote :

“To be gay isn’t a choice it is a heart and soul felt emotion. To be gay is no threat to heterosexuals, you aren’t their type. How many gay serial killers and rapists have you heard of; gay people are not the enemy. The world has enough hatred without throwing it at vulnerable, gentle souls that want nothing other than to be left to live quietly and with dignity. If your child is gay its not really your business, did you love them before- hopefully yes- if so then how do you not love them now? If you can’t understand same sex relationships, don’t bother live in your ignorance, but leave them alone. How on earth can you harm someone just because they are different to you, try deflating your anger.  You know you are seriously mentally unstable when you can harm an innocent person that you don’t know just because they are gay. LIVE AND LET LIVE, LOVE AND LET LOVE. Everyone is special, everyone is worthwhile.  As Moms we love our children equally and without thought of gender, sexual preference or belief. We have to realise that hatred is killing the planet, starving us of compassion. We need to gently show the people of the world that being “gay” is not a reason to be hurt by ignorant homophobic “people” who don’t want to understand that if we were all exactly the same it would be a mighty lousy world. Embrace your children, all of your children, and for those who cannot understand same sex love, well then don’t bother-but for God’s sake leave them alone to be happy and content. Gay is no threat to your world stop being afraid they don’t want to convert you.  You are vicious and hateful, you aren’t their type. God Bless Everyone, especially young gay kids. xx”

One last thing dear reader, never hide who you are from the world. Be yourself and don’t give up or give in to the hate. You’re better than them. Have heart and be gentle.



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