Typing pretty much hurts; I’ve invested in a kettle bell that weighs a lot. I was feeling pretty optimistic when I bought it this week, now I don’t have that level of optimism anymore. It’s alright, feeling that good is bad for my health. I’ve not dropped it on the floor or on my face (yet) so I must be doing something right. Also, if you’re wondering what Lee from that awful pop band Steps is doing now- he’s on the free poster you get with the purchase of a kettle bell demonstrating how you are meant to use this…thing. I’m standing a good distance away from the TV, windows, anything else that I can break whilst I use it. But like I said, I’m not feeling too optimistic. But if my stomach muscles and biceps are hurting, am I doing it right? I can manage going for a run in the rain without falling over so I like to think I’m developing into a worthwhile member of society. Possibly.

So I wrote about Brooklyn wonder-kids Total Slacker about two years ago. They’re putting out their new record, Slip Away next week and it’s also Valentine’s Day next week..I think Total Slacker knew exactly what they were doing when they thought of a release date. The deviants! So aside from being a typical fan of a band, it is pretty easy to get excited over the new Total Slacker record because it is really bloody good. It’s got a Garage Rock feel to it mixed with something hypnotic (think The Stone Roses’ debut record) flowing all the way through. It’s not a record to get angry to, it’s a record to dream to- closing eyes is optional.

Would If I Could is a song to give chase to. It makes you want to walk/run faster; the fury that oozes out of this song is striking. It pretty much makes you want to give up your mundane life in order to make music like this. Out Of Body Experience pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a haunting record, it’ll creep you out in some parts but for the most part you’ll just feel like you’ve taken something strange. I personally wouldn’t know, but Total Slacker make me feel like I have.

Just under two years ago Total Slacker lost their drummer Terence in a fatal hit and run accident; any other band would probably quit after having to deal with something so painful but Total Slacker kept on, and Zoe (their new drummer) is equally as majestic and as wonderful as Terence was. A band like this just doesn’t quit.

Tucker has this way of sounding really down on life when he sings certain songs, and this is what makes him believable. There’s feeling in his voice, and this is what makes Total Slacker stand out from most bands. A lot of singers are afraid to inject any feeling into how their songs, but if you can’t expose yourself in one of the purest ways imaginable- then why on earth are you even doing it? Total Slacker are a band with a purpose.

With New York covered in snow and the UK being cast underwater, Total Slacker are bringing the laziness of Summer to us all early with Slip Away. If you’re fed up or going through a phase of self-doubt then play this record religiously and ritualistically. Shut the door and close the world off.

I’m sure Slip Away has been reviewed and weak comparisons have been mentioned, but I can’t think of a band to compare them to. I don’t have a reason to do so, and I think it’s disrespectful to the band you’re writing about when you do that. For those whinging about there being no new music and everything sounding the same, then give Total Slacker a listen. For me, Super Big Gulp is probably my favourite track so far off the record but I’ll change my mind. But when it kicks in on this track, it is truly magical. If I was wealthy, I’d pay for them to come to the UK but I’ll have to wait for now I suppose.

With songs about Kennedy’s assassination and fighting your babysitter’s boyfriend, and recorded by a someone (Daniel Schlett) who has worked with a band I really love, The Men- you just know Slip Away is going to be worthy of smacking that repeat button numerous of times.

As a fan rather than just another music writer, I’d like to say I’m really proud of Total Slacker and all they’ve done over the past few years. They’re like the noise around the heart. Play it loud and fall into a trance.