“Walk through the fire,walk ’till it gets light. There is no hiding to save your life.”

Bad luck happens to us all. It happens to some more than most. Some attract bad vibes, bad people and bad luck. Thing is, what you class as bad luck may seem like something trivial to someone else. This is why you should never measure yourself against other people’s woes. When you do that you start to carry more dislike for yourself because you feel pathetic for feeling a bit silly. It happens, you are human. It’d be much easier if you were an animal wouldn’t it. Or you know, didn’t have any feelings.

Bad luck will catch up to the luckiest of people. Call it what you want, it always does. I think I was pretty shit in my past life because of certain step. One step forward is about 50 backwards. The further backwards you go, the more careful you are when making your next move. So really, it isn’t all so bad. The older I get, the less I find what I am good at. The things I am good at are utterly useful. My brain is like a jukebox, and my limbs are too short. My body fat is decreasing because I basically live at the gym. I don’t think anyone understands how happy I am that I’ve gone down a size or two, and that I can zip up my favourite hoodie..AND THERE IS ROOM. I’m good at losing my body fat; can’t make a living from that can I?! No, I can’t. Me? Do a fitness video? Never. I don’t understand them. Go outside and do stuff.

I had a nap earlier and woke up with hair that resembles Nick Cave when he was in The Birthday Party. Wild. Truly wild. It’s the only thing about me that is. But it’s alright. Some want to conform, I just want to catch up on some sleep. Bad luck.

Bad luck is happening to us all. Some of us ignore the bad and appreciate the good. That’s how it should be. Even with fuck-ups and set-backs. You see people thrive off being utterly miserable. I have my grumpy moments. I have them more than I wish, but it’s only when I am here. When I am with her, everything is just fine. Not grumpy at all. But, it’s just something I must deal with for now. It isn’t bad luck, it’s just a crappy situation. I could be further,  but thankfully I’m not.

Bad luck doesn’t define you. Everything shit that happens to you doesn’t rule you. Just because one person cannot stand you doesn’t mean you are awful. Just because someone feels the need to be awful about you doesn’t mean you have a problem. They’re the ones with the problem. But, we live in a world it seems where having an opinion is a bit lethal. Like you’re not allowed to speak up. If you see someone doing something wrong or harming someone, then fucking speak up because you’d want someone to save you.

Just because you’re carrying around some bad luck doesn’t mean you’ve got to share your negativity with anyone. Explain your troubles, but don’t act like you are the only one with them. I’d write a book but not even I would read the rubbish I write.

Maybe I should just go find a new band to fall for and write about.

Bad luck..just shrug it off, kid.

The Lovely Bad Things.

If its good for you, you’ll probably shy away from it. If there’s a chance it’ll be bad for you, you’ll probably be attracted to it. I guess that’s why I love the band name, The Lovely Bad Things. Its pretty true. Most things that are bad for you, can sometimes be lovely. It’s a different conversation altogether, so I’ll ignore it.

Yeah, another band from L.A. Another band that just make me wish I was there. It’s not that I hate England, I’m just entirely bored of it. How I’ve lasted this long doing the same thing day in, day out without losing whatever I have left of my mind is starting to baffle me. It’s not that I want to live in L.A, I just NEED to be there. We do confuse our wants and needs. Much like we confuse our ideas of love, and if we actually love something/someone. The mind will always cloud your judgement. So, I listen to bands like The Lovely Bad Things to make me feel like I’m already in L.A. I’m there in mind and spirit. I’m just working on the body part. Things take time.

I adore The Lovely Bad Things because they have a slight angsty feel mixed with this remarkable lo-fi sound. They take parts of all the aspects of music that I love, and just create their own sound that makes me feel like I’m in some sweaty, dingy basement watching them rehearse. This is the kind of thing I want to feel. These are the images I want a band to conjure up in my mind. Reckless, ruthless riots. Why settle for something calm when you can have a chaotic whirlwind erupt in the depths of your mind.

Abandon everything you know and start all over again. Abandon it all, and keep The Lovely Bad Things playing in your mind. It’ll probably steer you towards something solid in your head/heart (it depends which you favour/follow.)

Play it loud, and be kind.