The Black Belles UK Tour 2012.

23 03 2012

I don’t really write about tours here, I don’t know why. I guess its because you’re more than likel to find out for yourself, right? Right. Anyway, I’m making an exception for this.

In May one of my favourite bands (and one of the best things Jack White has EVER been involved with) are touring the UK.

The Black Belles are touring, and you’ve GOT to go see them. They’re playing some pretty cool venues, including two dates in London and the Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

May 02 – Leeds – Brudnell Social Club
May 04 – Halifax – Puzzle Inn
May 05 – Liverpool – Erics
May 06 – Manchester – Islington Mill
May 08 – Bristol – Start the Bus
May 10 – London – Barfly
May 11 – Brighton – Great Escape Festival
May 12 – London – Brixton Windmill
May 13 – South End on Sea – Railway Hotel
May 17 – Wrexham – Central Station

Garage Rock.

27 02 2012

Aside from Punk, Garage Rock is the only other genre to own my heart. I’d put Shoegaze and Riot Grrrl up there but for me they were more like a movement rather than a genre. Of course Punk was a movement too, but..well, you know what I mean. For me, Garage Rock is such an important genre of music. As much as I love songs that last over 5 minutes and take me on some weird trip, I also love music that lasts about 2 minutes and has the ability to make me feel like I’m being punched right in the chops. Passionately furious and enough to make you want to dance. Throw in some psychedelic vibes and I’ll be the happiest person around. It isn’t just Garage Rock bands from the 60s that make me feel this way, bands that are around now that can be seen as Garage Rock make me feel this way too. Take the debut record by The Horrors for instance. It had EVERYTHING that was Garage Rock. Short songs, loud guitars and vocals enough to deafen you. Sure not all Garage Rock is like that, but fuck far as debut records go that one was a SOLID.

So this is what I am going to do. Instead of rambling on and on about it, I’m going to give you my 5 favourite OLD Garage Rock bands and my 5 favourite NEW Garage Rock bands.  If you want to disagree or hit me with some bands I should check out, then PLEASE let me know. Just be gentle if you’re going to be negative, okay? Thanks. Alright, here’s the first lot.

I must add that, although I don’t think I could ever list my favourite songs of all time..but if I did, I’d put Count Five in the Top 3 EASILY.

There are many more than I would’ve loved to have included, but I kept it to 5 each otherwise I would just get carried away!

The Black Belles.

7 11 2011

I’ll just get the shallow element of this out of the way before I mention the music. The Black Belles are basically my dream women. Dressed in complete black- always ready for a funeral. Black clothes, black make-up. They are ALL stunning. I don’t need to go on about their looks anymore, now it’s about the music.

You know when you hear something and it just amazes you that something like this exists? Pretty much how I feel about The Black Belles. They’re like…a scarier version of Dum Dum Girls. They have this brilliant 60s garage rock feel going on, but with something heavier mixed in. It is so creepy and so menacing- it’s probably why I love it.

Their record is out tomorrow, debut full length LP. It sounds like something that could easily be in a Vincent Price film. It is so fucking unbelievable. How can something like this, exist now? I guess when you’re on Jack White’s record label, you will more than likely produce one of the best albums of the year-right? Oh of course. The album feels like a dirty, blues record that has heavy garage rock tones to it. I guess they’ll get called Goths because they wear black, that’s not a bad thing. Better than being called a dickhead.

Hand on heart, this record shits on a lot of albums that have come out this year. This is a phenomenal debut album. I remember how I felt when I heard Strange House by The Horrors. That same feeling is alive and well when I listen to The Black Belles. It’s hard to put it into words, because I just want to ramble on like I always do. But I feel massively stupid because the band deserve more than an idiot like me go on and on writing sentences that make no sense at all.

If you want music that is going to make you feel like you are in a creepy horror film- you need The Black Belles. If you (like myself) think girls that wear black make-up and dress all in black are amazing- then you need this band. If you want to hear something that you’ve never heard before, and you want to be shook up a wee bit- then you really do need to invest yourself in The Black Belles.

It’s dark, eerie and will freak you out. You need this, trust me.