Gossip-Perfect World (video.)

7 04 2012

Being yourself is a chore. You are frequently told to “be yourself.” But as soon as you are, people shoot you down for it and judge you. They judge you HARD for it. You like a band no one has really heard of- they call you pretentious. You do something positive with your life leaving the past behind- you’re called various expletives just because you’re doing something with your life. Put yourself first, and you are called selfish. What is up with that? Can’t we just stop being dicks to each other? No? Didn’t think so.

Sometimes, we struggle with who we are. I struggled for bloody years with being gay. I loathed myself and the rest of it. Then I listened to Gossip. It was Jason’s Basement that I remember first hearing. I fell in love. Every record got me through that struggle of accepting who I was. Thing is, I don’t let my sexuality define who I am. I don’t go up to new people and say “HI, I’M OLIVIA AND I’M A LESBIAN.” Fuck no. Who cares. I can accept myself, I don’t care for others opinion. Gossip taught me how to feel at ease with who I am and to not be ashamed.

Perfect World is another empowering anthem from Nathan, Hannah and Beth. The video is beautifully shot. Cannot wait for the new record. I spent most of my time at Uni following the band around. Skipping lectures just to see them. Seeing them live is like a religious experience. You feel weightless and trouble-free. Your body is full of love and you feel like you can do anything. I just bloody love them.


17 07 2010

I grew up in a place where you didn’t really tell people you were gay. An extremely homophobic place with a few lovely beaches- you cannot have everything, I know.  In 2006 I went to uni. I didn’t tell anyone I was gay in my first year..I was still adjusting to everything. Gradually I told people. I told my mum by text (she still winds me up about it) and the one person I should’ve told first was one of the last to know- something I wish I did differently because this person is one of the most important persons to me. Always have been, always will. Telling people felt like a massive weight had been lifted off.

I owe all of this to one band. I owe it to a band that was one of the first bands I saw whilst at uni. I travelled up and down the country to see them. Went to a signing in London just to get my records signed and to see me heroes. This band have been my life since I first heard Jason’s Basement. Then Standing In The Way Of Control came out and everybody fell in love. That song makes me proud to be who I am. This song doesn’t make me feel ashamed of a thing. It’s a middle finger to those who judge. The whole album was constantly on repeat throughout my time at university. From leaving home to a breakup. Every song has so much meaning to me. Every album means the world to me.

Beth Ditto is my idol/role model. Everything about her is beautiful. I remember buying NME when she was on the cover naked. So many people were all lie “Eww that’s nasty.” What’s so nasty about a beautiful person having the confidence to show themselves like that? If anything ,it’s empowering. It’s a wonderful quality to have. I may have the crappest self confidence at times but I look at Beth and feel I can pretty much do anything, be anything and not have to justify myself. You should never have to justify yourself for anything if it makes you happy. It’s about time a band like Gossip are appreciated for what they are. For who they are.  There’s so much that I wish I could say, but I’m pretty useless with words!

Nathan, Hannah and Beth are best friends who make music that make thousands…maybe millions of people feel comfortable with who they are. No more hiding. No more denying who you are.

Gossip- thank you for everything. For the music, the live shows, the words- everything. Aside from The Smiths no other band has owned my heart and meant this much. Life is too short to cover up who you are and live a lie. If you’re not being honest with yourself, you will never be happy. This is what Gossip (and my mother) have taught me.

Listen Up!

Keeping You Alive. < Personal favourite.

Jason’s Basement.

Yesterday’s News.

Yr Mangled Heart.

This is why I love them.

Thank you Gossip. Just thank you.