I’ve said it many times before, there is something really special about Bristol. I don’t need to give you names of the bands I love from there- you already know. There is something about the music scene there that is so diverse, so special and just a joy to listen to. It’s just a haven of exceptional talent, which leads me onto VHS Death.

 VHS Death is the solo project of Natalie Wardle (previously of Returning Videotapes) who is based in Bristol. VHS Death is this beautifully haunting project that is full of these dark and eerie Industrial sounds. Natalie’s debut release as VHS Death consists of seven songs that will hit you in the soul and will be swarming round your head for days. Hawkmoth (Death Head) is just shy of seven minutes long, and it is such an incredibly open song. The lyrics are so brutally honest, and the way Natalie speaks and sings them over this heavy Industrial sound will just blow your mind.



Although the record came out in November, we can say that this song is one of the heaviest and most honest songs we will get this year. It is heavy in many ways, and I know some of us don’t want deep and meaningful- we want music to be an escape, but with this-it brings you into the reality. It’s nothing short of perfect.

 These seven songs on Llorona are brilliant insight into Natalie’s mind, and these songs are just a masterpiece. They are this captivating journey into the world of VHS Death. I love sounds like this. Sure, at heart, I’m a Punk but I love this sound. Bands like Psychic TV, Cold Cave, Drab Majesty- I bloody love them. VHS Death is up there for bands that will move you, for me. Easily. This is all Natalie’s work, and you can truly hear the passion and devotion to this project in the songs.  I adored Returning Videotapes, but VHS Death is a different direction- and that’s what we need. There are bits of the song DMT that remind me a little bit of A Forest by The Cure. It’s the atmospheric background sound that feels like a grey mist clouding your surroundings. It is wonderful, and just a real joy to listen to.

 Each song is so easy to become obsessed with, and I think when you first listen to this record you see it as this eerie and slightly dangerous body of work. But the more you listen and let yourself mentally dissect the songs- you see it as something completely different. There is so much going on but that doesn’t mean it is a difficult listen at all, far from it. You can truly imagine these songs in a live setting and songs like Prey and Nothing are probably the ones that’ll blow us all away when we see a VHS Death show.

 Something that is just beyond incredible is that Natalie will be taking this project to LA in October as part of the Deathwave Records Festival. If I had a hell of a lot of money, I’d fly Business Class and go out there for it. I say Business Class because I want to be able to sleep in a bed and forget the fact I am up in the sky and cannot roam round freely or get off at the next stop. Maybe one day.



Broken Glass is a heavenly seven minute euphoric delight, and after it we a treated to the gentle and ethereal Elara. These two songs together are something to really treasure. The way they flow into each other really shows how exceptional Natalie is, and how with just one record as VHS Death has made something you want more and more of. I really cannot wait to see what happens next with this project.

 You can stay up to date with all the VHS Death information you need here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/VHSxDEATH



Manchester Psych Fest III is happening in about 2 weeks. If you’re not going, you’re going to be missing out on a night of fun and brilliant sounds. Crocodiles and The Lucid Dream are just some of the bands playing. One band in particular are making their live debut at the show.

Freakout Honey will be kicking the festival off. All I have to go on is a little demo they sent me the other day. It is dreamy and has the backbone of Shoegaze in it. Shoegaze mixed with something completely weird and wonderful. When you hear something new for the first time, you just know within seconds if you’re going to be a committed fan or not. Freakout Honey are wonderfully named and they sound beautiful. I want more than the demo I currently have, but I can wait. I’m super excited to see them play- especially as it is their live debut. I have every faith that they will be a talking point of the show, and a band that become one to watch.

They formed early this year in Manchester and the band members are from all over the place from Bradford to Greece. These guys and girls have got a distinctive sound and I wish them nothing but the best for their debut show and beyond. I think the demo I have is called Surf. It feels like you are riding the waves without a care in the world. Perfect to dream to, to do nothing to, to fall asleep to, to go on a path of self-discovery to. They’re just instantly brilliant. I feel like a 5 year old wishing for their birthday to come around waiting for more music by Freakout Honey.

There are six of them in the band. They’re the Wu Tang Clan of psych/shoegaze/whatever you want to call them. Each member brings something vital to the band, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to exceed any expectations at their debut live show.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the shortest pieces I’ve written, but I’ll report back around the 14th June with more thoughts on the band. For now, you can wait like the rest of us!

If you’re in Manchester, then head down to Night & Day on the 13th June and come to the Psych Fest. Let Freakout Honey be your new favourite band.