Yesterday afternoon on my lunch break, I took a typical stroll through Camden. Normally I get annoyed by the amount of people who don’t look where they are going. The ones that stop right in front of you to take a photo of a bus. You don’t need a photo of the 253 bus, just get that off Google if you feel the need. But yesterday, I blocked it all out as I was walking past the station. I heard this sound. This heavenly sound. I felt like I was dreaming, like something had hit my soul and dragged something out. It was a strange feeling, and not one I’m used to on a lunchtime.

The sound came from a guy sat down just by Camden Town station. He had the guitar in his hands and was creating something truly gorgeous. I couldn’t stop for long as I had to do some things before I went back to work. I made a mental note of his name and made a vow to myself to find his music, and write about it. My only foolish act yesterday afternoon was not buying the CD he had with him. Joseph, if you see this- I am sorry and I promise if I see you in the streets of Camden again I will buy a CD.

JustJoseph was the guy sat outside the station making this gorgeous sound. It felt like Beach House but without the words. As calming as Boards Of Canada- I was in my idea of heaven. You can call his style ambient if you wish to label it. I wouldn’t know what to label it as, I don’t want to. All I know is that this guy is incredibly talented.

If you’re looking for music that you can escape to or to just free your mind to, then JustJoseph is the one to do it to. He makes the kind of music you would play if you can’t sleep and you’re unsure of what to do with yourself. Do you fight it or give in? If I could use one word to describe his music, I’d pick gentle. There’s a captivating delicate glow to his sound that really hits you in the heart and soul. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I am big on lyrics but with music like this-who needs words? If he or anyone sang over his music, they would take away everything you can possibly feel from his music.

His music feels like a journey you can only make on your own. This is the kind of music you play when nobody else is around. Ideally, play it through headphones and let yourself drift off some place dear to you. Create your own landscape and collapse into the perfect dream. Even the most miserable of persons could feel happiness from listening to JustJoseph.

For now, I think my favourite track is Vo. It’s just over 9 minutes long and it feels like you’re watching the sun go down, and you slowly lay down your head and fall away with the song. Where you go is all on you, keep it personal. I’d happily keep this song on a loop in my head.

At the risk of banging on about how great he is, I’ll leave it here. You can stream his sounds over on his soundcloud page: