6 Years.

“If you ever get lonely, just got to the record store and visit your friends.”

Six years ago in a classroom at University I set up this blog as part of an Online Journalism module I had to take. As someone who cares far too much about writing and music, I decided to keep at this for longer than I probably should have. There have been times where I am supposed to have done something “important” but decided to write about a band instead. I’ll always do that, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Over the past six years I have done the ridiculous (met Patti Smith) and the relatively sane (standard record reviews.) I don’t find writing about music I love exhausting, but Writer’s Block can sometimes smack me in the face leaving me feeling entirely frustrated and annoyed with my abilities, or in that case- a lack of. Everyone has something that they truly care about, something that forces them to wake up in the morning and to keep going.

I decided to keep this blog up because I was annoyed with typical Music Journalists who seem to enjoy slagging off bands in their writing. Sure I dislike boring bands such as Coldplay, Mumford & Sons and the dull sounds of that guy with the poor quiff, Bastille but I’m not going to waste my time writing a thousand words as to why I dislike them. I’d rather write about a band/singer/song/record that has truly moved me because it makes me feel like I’ve done something worthwhile I guess. My words won’t change the world, they won’t make someone else go out and buy a record and they won’t make a band I love become huge. They’re just words. Words some will skim over. Words that may not go read. Words that most won’t agree with. But seeking approval is the worst thing a person can do to themselves because they will lose sight of who they are.

Maybe I’ve got another year in this or maybe I’ll be 90 years old dribbling on the keyboard writing about “that time I saw….” I have no idea. All I know is that you cannot put a price on doing what you love. I’ve never received money for writing about a band.

I wish I could name every single band that has sent me their music, but I can’t. I’ve got a rubbish memory, but everything I’m sent gets written about.

However, I would like to specially thank the following for being exceptionally generous with their music and time:

-Royal Chant

-Savage Sister

-Soft Power Records

-Nita Keeler

-Little Death Machine


-Hana Piranha


-The #1s

-The Creeping Ivies

-L.A Witch

-The Long Wives

There’s many more, but as I’ve mentioned I don’t really have the best memory.

Any email or comment left about anything I’ve written means a hell of a lot. I remember when I posted my Warpaint interview and reading the emails I got sent-I felt proud and that maybe someone got the point I was trying to make.

Thank you! xx

The Smiths debut record came out 30 years ago. There’s no other reason really.



My love for Hana Piranha is over a year old, but it feels like I have been playing her music for years and years. Maybe it is because she reminds me of singers I’ve loved for so long. She has a big voice, in a non obnoxious way. She doesn’t warble like most singers with a big voice. You can hear every word. She sings with power and clarity. Do not fuck with Hana Piranha.

I remember watching her covers on her YouTube channel. Her take on Closer by Nine Inch Nails was much more creepy than the original. She made it much more sinister. She made Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways go from an Indie kid anthem (I love The Subways so I’m not being disrespectful. They remind me of being at University. Their live shows are mental) to a heartbreaking ode to a love you can never seem to get. Work at it, you’ll get there.

Hana is the meanest (I mean that in a brutally gorgeous way) violinist around. She plays with a fury like no other. As someone who isn’t a fan of the violin, she’s swayed my view. Or maybe I’m only okay with her. Who knows; either way, I know a raw talent when I hear it.

The stranger the voice, the better. Why settle for conventional and bland when you can have something that is out of this world. We lack the power of Siouxsie now, the dominance of Poly Styrene. Or maybe we don’t. It lives on in the likes of Hana. She can make the loneliest of fools feel okay in the skin they are in with her words. There is something about her that just makes you glad you exposed your ears to her beautifully weird music. She absolutely slays the violin; like I said above, you really don’t fuck with Hana Piranha.

I’ve not really mentioned the new song at all. About that….

Thin Air shows her dominance in a way unlike before. She doesn’t flail about like a wounded creature with her violin. Oh no. She plays it with such fury. The heart and passion she plays with is found in the likes of the greats such as Patti Smith. She has this captivating stance that just makes you want to listen to her voice and over. Next week, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her music video to Thin Air. The teaser to the video below just shows the power she has, and is just a bloody treasure.

She resembles to musicians I love, Patti Smith and Kate Jackson (from The Long Blondes.) Her voice is a raw and rare beauty. I can’t wait for the video to Thin Air. It’s going to be fucking insane, and really? Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hana Piranha.

I hate covers. I hate them with everything I have. It takes a LOT for me to like a cover. It’s partly the reason why I wish something truly awful would happen to X-Factor. I’m not even sorry about that at all. I want it to never ever happen again. It’s killing music. Fucking killing it, and not in a good way.

Rant out of the way, I’ll begin.

Hana Piranha. Not only is this an amazing name; but she’s got a brilliant voice. I like big voices like Siouxsie Sioux, Imogen Heap, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey. You know, the ones that can actually sing and don’t have to dick about in order for you to fall in love and listen to them. The ones that influence real talent. This does tie in with my brief rant about covers.

Hana has covered some songs that are up on her YouTube channel. I’ve sat and gone through most of them. I fell in love with first listen. It didn’t feel like I was listening to a cover; it felt like I was listening to her own song. Thing is, if you’re going to cover a song- you’ve GOT to make it your own, add your own style to it- but at the same time pay tribute to the original. It’s why I will always favour Cat Power covering songs- especially ones by Bob Dylan. She does it in such a beautiful way, and you know she is connecting with the song. If you seem emotional removed from it- don’t do it. Simple as.

This cover of Nine Inch Nails is just fucking, it’s a work of art. It’s got an innocent twist on such a demonic song. It’s just so good.

Leaving the covers alone for a bit, her own material is even better. She has this feel to her music that reminds me of very early PJ Harvey. Something John Peel would be proud to play in his show if he was still here, and I bloody well wish he was. Music died when he died. However, we’ve got artists like Hana who are doing something different. She has this grand voice- in a way that isn’t overpowering. She doesn’t sound like a cat in pain, she can actually hold the notes- unlike some singers. I’m not a name dropper. I just think she’s fucking brilliant. I have no idea why I feel the need to swear. Sometimes, something is so good- you just have to slip out a few swears don’t you.

If you love music that comes from the heart, is loud, dark and a wee bit devilish- you’re going to love Hana Piranha.

I also love that their album is going to be called Day Release 😉