If I had the money to buy all the merch and records of bands that I love due to shows being cancelled, I really would. It breaks my heart to see them struggle because of the virus; their music is their life. It pays their bills; it keeps them going. Their music keeps me going. All I can do is write about them- all I can offer is words, and it just makes you feel helpless. Then you have absolute selfish fuckers buying everything in the shops that they clearly do not need, and other have to struggle. Not to mention the government vocalizing zero concerns for homeless people. But why would the fuckers start caring now? If it doesn’t make you angry, then you’re part of the problem. And with this anger, it brings me to the wonder Axetone from Miami.

 I don’t know anything about the music scene in Miami, but if the Punk scene sounds anything like what Axetone give us, then sign me up! There’s this gnarly sound that just oozes pent up aggression and I love it. They’ve got this wonderfully brutal sound- it reminds me of Bikini Kill slightly. There’s a nod to Riot Grrrl here, but at the same time Axetone just give us something so heavy and furious. You absolutely cannot help but play this so loud you’ll feel as if your ears are going to bleed.



 Axetone haven’t been going long, and with only a couple of releases up on their Bandcamp page (with one being demos that are incredible!)  you’d think it’d be tough to get something meaningful out about them. Thing is, when a band is this good, it’s an absolute honour to write about them. Their newest release came out at the start of March, and these handful of songs are so powerful and the sheer urgency in the songs just makes you want to trash shit and jump around in your room, and probably annoy neighbours with your stomping. Here For You Here For Me is such a great record, and it’s perfectly made up of angst filled songs that will get you right in the gut. This is not for the faint hearted or for those who want awful, sickly love songs. That shit isn’t welcome here; give us this beautiful and unpolished noise any day!

 Michi has such a distinctive voice, and the way the vocals are screamed out just make you want to scream them right back. There is so much power and determination here, you cannot help but let it consume you. Take the opener, Emotional Dishes; it touches on mental health in such an unfiltered way and it then goes right into Hot Pocket which exposes just how fucked society is. This is band that are hugely observant of what is around them and their community. A huge community feel is what you get from this band, and their unity with each other is what makes their sound. There’s this tightness but not in a polished way, but in a way that you know that the band totally get each other, and the bond goes deeper than music. For a band to get that feeling across so early one is something to really pay attention.



 With one listen, I just became obsessed. I love the Punk feel. I love the Riot Grrrl tones. I love the way that they are so brutally honest with the lyrics and how annihilating yet freeing the music is. I just love everything they give. The force on Toxic Womb and Wolf/Sick Head is vital, and just reinforces why we need bands like this, and thank fuck they exist.

 Here For You Here For Me is out RIGHT NOW!

MERCHANDISE: A Corpse Wired For Sound.


“Now pour your body open,
Tear me apart slowly limb by limb.”

We all have it in our head what makes a band great, what makes a band mean something to us. It can be all down to the singer and the way they are. It can be down the way the drummer makes you wish you could unleash your fury like they do. It can anything, everything- all at once. It hits you like an overnight freight train going a little faster than it normally would. Maybe this band you absolutely adore and idolise bring everything together you love about music and make something of their own. They have parts of bands you love and parts of things you’ve never heard of.

A Corpse Wired For Sound by Merchandise came out today. First listen, it is lust. Not halfway through my second listen, and I would probably marry it if it was a person. Or something similar. It’s easily one of the best records of this year. Hell, it’s one of the best records I’ve heard in a long, long time. When I listen to it, I immediately feel like I am wandering round the streets of Manchester on a rainy and grey day. Utterly bleak- there’s no other place I’d want to be transported to in my mind other than there. Maybe it’s the depths of my conscience telling me it’s time to leave one awfully big city for one my brain can actually handle. I’ve got time, right?

Merchandise take you somewhere really desolate yet sacred with this record. They always do, but there’s something more fragile about this record. As delicate as it is, it’s the kind of records that holds a person together even when the person in question is probably struggling more than they allow their brain to let on. There is so much comfort is the dark and tormenting sound of Merchandise, and A Corpse Wired For Sound is no exception. It’s done differently this time. Every song feels like you need to yell the words out with such urgency. The thing is, when a band means this much to you- you do cling on to every single word.

Nine songs in under 45 minutes. Nine songs to have on a constant loop to help with focusing on whatever you need to do, whatever words you need to get out. They accelerate the motors of your mind with each song, and for me it is Shadow Of The Truth and opener, Flower Of Sex that really do this. I can’t wait for the weather to turn bad so I can wander round listening to this record and truly explore it for what it is. You can only imagine so much within four walls.

For me, I think Shadow Of The Truth is possibly my favourite. Of course I’ll change my mind because I know that this isn’t a record you play a few times and in a few months, you’re done with it. Far from it. Merchandise are not a throwaway band. They’re a band you (collectively) go back to. Each record has something for you to fall back in love with. What you thought was your favourite song slips away, and you fall for another. Maybe it depends on your mood or state of mind but Merchandise, I don’t think, are a background band. They’re not a band you just play and carry on about your business. I’ve had to play A Corpse Wired For Sound a few times before I was ready to concentrate on writing about it. I recommend sitting in the dark and playing Silence a few times. Over and over.

I Will Not Sleep Here is one of the most gorgeous songs I’ve heard in a long time, and only someone like Carson can sing it in this way. It wouldn’t work if someone else did. It really shows his voice in a different way. Again, it’s another highlight and the lyrics are beautiful.

Beginning to end, Merchandise yet again unleash this world upon you that makes you forget how terrible the world can be. The lyrics, the music, everything about this record just sums up everything I love about music and everything I look for in a band. With each record to date, Merchandise have constantly blown my mind and always gone a step further than before.

They’re touring the UK in November. As my birthday is in November, I’ve always claimed it as birthday month and gone to as many gigs as possible. This year is no exception, and I need to block out turning 30 as much as possible even if I still get asked for ID when buying paracetamol.

Play this record as loud as your ears can stand and come out and see them on tour.