Far Too Honest.

29 04 2010

As much as I love music, and as much as I hate writing personal shit down…I feel I need to let this out. NOW. Before I go to bed and not being able to sleep because this won’t go away. I will probably delete this later on. But I just need to let this out.

I hate the way that I am stupidly shy. If I could, I’d make a CD with every song that sums up how I feel and hand it to a person. This person doesn’t know. In fact, this person will never know because I freeze/don’t talk. If they saw this, they wouldn’t know that this was about them. Maybe it’s not about a person..it’s about the idea of them. Regardless of what it is, it’s actually getting to me in a way that I don’t want it to. So, these songs will sum it up because I don’t have it in me to admit this. Someone else can hah.

Alphabeat-Hole In My Heart. Recently I’ve paid attention to the lyrics and it just sums everything up. Every tiny and large detail. Seriously. I don’t like it, but I love this song. Buggerings!

The Drums- I Felt Stupid. If they do this live in 2 weeks time I think I will have a bit of a cry. It’s just beautiful.

Florence + The Machine- Drumming Song. No words really. I swear the Lungs album sums up my life most of the time.

The Smiths- I Want The One I Can’t Have. I stand by the fact that Morrissey has written a song to describe every feeling that exists. This song shows this.

Morrissey- I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris. It’s so true. Every word sang here is utter truth. Fall for a country rather than a person. A place will not disappoint. People can. But only if you let them.

Morrissey- Let Me Kiss You. Again, shows why Morrissey is my hero. Thanks Moz!

Ellie Goulding- The Writer. I have no idea why…well I do, I just love Ellie. But…I have no idea. I don’t know. The words I guess.

La Roux- Quicksand. The whole album means a lot to me..for reasons I don’t ever wish to talk about, I cannot do it. I was going to put Cover My Eyes on here, but that’d mean listening to it for a few seconds and putting the link up. I cannot listen to that song, it kills me a wee bit. Quicksand though….blaaaaaaaady ‘ell.

Mystery Jets & Laura Marling- Young Love. So beautiful.

Mystery Jets- Two Doors Down. So apt…apart from being two doors down hah.

The Horrors- Mirrors Image. The “crippling shyness” line gets me every single time. Seriously.

Right I’m gonna leave it at that. I need to go to bed because apparently I’ve got shit to do tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t rain so I can go for a walk.


Florence At Coachella.

20 04 2010

Hospital Beds.

Flo was joined on stage with Nathan from Cold War Kids. I can only imagine how wonderful this would’ve been. I love Flo and Cold War Kids. Amazing version.


Florence Does A Gorgeous Cover.

14 04 2010

Flo recently covered I Don’t Wanna Know by Mario Winans for Billboard. You can hear hurt/pain/sadness in this version. It’s so beautiful. So so beautiful.


New Video By Florence.

10 03 2010

Here’s the new video to Dog Days Are Over (New Video). I will ALWAYS regard the first video to this as one of my favourite music videos ever. It’s low budget and Flo is running in a tux. I love this song a lot, and the new video is alright. But I do prefer the old one.


Some Florence!

19 02 2010

Enjoy 10 minutes of Florence being beautiful, as usual! 🙂

Hurricane Drunk And Cosmic Love.


Brits And Shit!

17 02 2010

I didn’t watch the Brits last night as I was drunk somewhere. BUT, Flo got Best Album…I got drunk in celebration for her haha 🙂

Ellie Goulding is putting out a vinyl EP kind of thing which is going to be AMAZING!

I haven’t seen her or Flo’s speech from last night, I really want to!

I’ve developed an (unhealthy) diet of Super Noodles. It’s not going to end well is it.

Sorry about not posting much..not much internet access and the like!


What Happens When….

4 02 2010

…. you take a musical genius, a DJ and the best singer that’s around right now?

Well, you get a 6 minute track called Here Lies Love. Flo is on the vocals, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim do the rest. It’s bloody good.

Here Lies Love.


Some things…..

3 02 2010

Cold Cave are playing a few dates in England in May. I’d go to the Manchester one but….it’s the same night as Florence. I can’t miss Florence oh no!

There’s a Marina & The Diamonds tour in May too.

The gorge Ellie Goulding is doing a few dates in June.

Oh, and The Strokes are recording for the new album!!! Also Garbage may be doing some new tracks/album!!!


Florence + The Machine-Hurricane Drunk.

31 01 2010

Here’s the video to Hurricane Drunk by Florence + The Machine. They’ve changed the song a little bit, sort of like they did with You’ve Got The Love and I have no idea why. I’ve watched the video a few times and I like it now. At first I was unsure. But, no video will top Dog Days Are Over…that’s just brilliant. Running through a forest in a tux?! AWESOME.

Hurricane Drunk (Video).

One More…..

27 01 2010

I love White Lies and I love Florence. So, them doing a song together=EXCELLENT.

It’s from last year’s NME Tour. Flo stage dives, which if you’ve ever seen, you know how insane it is! She NAILS this. They should record it together and release it. Also, her entrance is pretty cool..leaping onto the stage. There’s two songs in this clip, Flo is on the last one.

White Lies And Florence.