Youth Lagoon-Dropla.

I think those who are not familiar with Trevor Powers/Youth Lagoon are missing out. I remember the day I accidentally heard his music, it was like nothing even mattered in that moment. Of course things do not matter, but I’d rather shrug them off and listen to something like Youth Lagoon.

Quick to be lumped in the “Chillwave” category (has that died now or….?) Trevor Powers pretty much went against all of that. He didn’t (and doesn’t) sound like those he was compared to. His debut record was made in his bedroom, and when you listen to it you do get such a personal feel coming through. Hopefully this will happen again in his new record, Wondrous Bughouse which is set to be released on 5th March.

Until then, you can listen to the just short of 6 minutes ethereal gem that is Dropla here:

Dropla starts as a gentle daydream which then goes into a hazy nap and ends in you falling deep into a heavenly trance.