With every review of Crocs I write, I always say the same thing. I always say how bloody great they are, and as someone who is rarely right- with this, I know it to be true. They are probably the best band I’ve seen live and are bloody lovely guys.

Last night they played as part of the Hackney Wonderland. I paid £10 just to see them and didn’t go see anyone else. Maybe that was foolish, but my girlfriend and I went to have pizza. As an Italian, I can’t turn down pizza. Also living right near the venue is always good!

If you’ve ever been to see Crocodiles in London you will have probably seen the guest of honor and all round brilliant guy, Omar. Omar stole the show at the end, but more of that later. He should be their hypeman. Shouting abuse at the crowd to get them moving. If you’re not moving at a Crocs show, then something is wrong with you. They aren’t a band you stand still to. No way pal.

Crocs treat us to some new songs off their new record, and judging by how good they sounded live I am confident again with declaring their new record to be the best thing to happen in 2015. The last new song they did in the set was my favourite. No idea of song names, but this one was my favourite. Crocs are one of those rare bands that sound better and different with each release. Summer Of Hate is the record that owns a large part of my heart, but each of their records just proves how marvelous they are.  Severely underrated, but the best ones usually are. Of all the times I’ve seen them, last night was possibly the best and it could be down to the magnificent stage invasion at the end to I Wanna Kill.

Personally the best moment for me was them playing Summer Of Hate. I can’t remember if I’ve seen them do it before, but last night felt like it was the first time. It’s my favourite song by them,and if you’ve ever seen a band you love play your favourite song by them live you will understand what that moment means. You don’t feel as if anyone else is around you, and you’re completely and utterly immersed in the moment. It’s a beautiful feeling and maybe, just maybe you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced it.

They opened their set with the anthem for perverts, Marquis de Sade. An anthem you’ve just got to sing a long to. Also, if you read a Marquis de Sade book on public transport, people don’t want to sit near you. It’s brilliant. He was also a fantastic and twisted writer that you need to read. His mind was obscure and perverse, and wonderful. If you don’t like conventional things, go read his work.

The last two songs were insane. They did their cover of Jet Boy Jet Girl (which I am so happy they now play) and were joined by the majestic Omar on vocals. When he isn’t yelling “ASS CLOWN” at Brandon, you can find him near the front loving life. Crocs ended their set with I Wanna Kill which was greeted with a beautiful stage invasion. It was a glorious state of chaos, and every band should do this. I don’t care who you are, you should let your fans get on stage with you and belt out a song. This bit in the set pretty much showed how much they are loved and how their fans really appreciate it when they come to town. In an ideal world I would have the funds to go to a full tour and write words like above about it. They aren’t a band you see just once and that’s it. They’re a band that you have to keep on seeing because the atmosphere at their shows is something else. They are one of the few bands that make me want to just write about music forever. It annoys me how underrated they are, but last night truly showed how loved they are and those that watched them know just how brilliant they are.

Each of them are bloody mesmerising to watch. Charlie flings his guitar about and holds it like a machine gun, Robert beats the living shit out the drums in a glorious fashion, their bassist David (he’s in Hatcham Social, a band I fell in love with at uni many moons ago!) seems to be in a trance as he plays and you fall into it also, Brandon’s voice creates this atmosphere in the room that takes you back in time. I can’t (but will always try to) emphasise enough just how bloody great they are. And also, they are the most loveliest and kind guys you’ll ever meet. I bloody well owe them.

Anyway, obligatory photo with BW and CR :