Well, for the foreseeable we have no gigs to look forward to but that doesn’t mean we can’t get hyped up over new (and old) bands. It just means when everything is back to whatever “normal” will be, we will enjoy the shows much more. Music is so important. It keeps a lot of us going. It is the lifeline for so many of us, and those who make the music- well, it’s their lifeline too. Before I go into writing about Sit Down, I’d just like to mention as I’m sure you know, Bandcamp are waiving their revenue fees today so all the money will go directly to the band/singer. If you can afford to buy a song or two, please help out your favourites. But please, only if you can afford it.

 Right then.

 Sit Down are a duo from Brighton. You know how I feel about duos; from The Kills to JOHN; I just love them. I love how noisy they are, and how it’s just two people that are making killer noise. You can add Sit Down to the list of killer duos. They have this beautiful and intense sound; it goes beyond anything I’ve ever really heard before. You don’t know what to expect, but every song feels like a Glaswegian kiss- perfect!



Katie has the effortlessly cool task of drumming and singing. Anyone who can sing and drum at the same time, especially like this is like a superhero to me. It takes something that is beyond human to do it, and I think anyone who can do it is just exceptional. Katie is brutal and takes no prisoners. She’s got the same ferociousness to her sound like Fay from Savages (hands down one of the best drummers EVER!) and give it time, and people will be saying Katie is one of the best drummers of all time. Trust me on that. Then you have Greg who is an absolute monster on the guitar- if you’re into bands like Table Scraps, then you’re going to fawn over Sit Down. The heaviness they both have is just intoxicating, and it’s what we need right now and all the damn time.

 Sit Down have been going a few years now, and over the past 2 years they have truly built something that is getting stronger and bigger.  Their debut EP from 2018, Cheap Luxe is such a dirty and gritty Garage Rock record, and it makes you think there’s more than 2 of them making this noise. It’s nothing short of brilliant and is such a great way to make their sound known. It oozes power from start to finish, but what else would you expect from the self-confessed Hell’s House Band.

 At the moment, I’m really stuck on Take A Seat. It’s got this Trip-Hop feel to it mixed with some spooky shit. It sounds like it was made for a Horror film, a real gory Horror film at that! I love how they can create certain moods and atmospheres with their sound, and how they really take the listener off into a fantasy world. It’s like they are possessing you with their sound, and you cannot help but feel like you’re in a trance when you listen to them. I really get that feel when I listen to Take A Seat, and when it kicks in- that’s when you fall deeper into their world.

 They’ve also JUST released an aptly titled song, Quarantine which pretty much sums up how we are all feeling now. Katie sings and screams her heart out on this one, and it’s like she is unleashing the world’s furies on this. It perfectly captures how vulnerable and unsure we are all feeling right now. One of the only good things to come out of this is bands like Sit Down giving us these hard-hitting anthems that one day soon, hopefully, we can sing right back at them.




Sit Down have that excellent Trashy Rock ‘n’ Roll sound going on, and it’s apparent on songs like Teeth and Honeysucker. Both songs are perfect if you’re just getting into the band. That decadent sound is throughout both songs, and the louder you play them the better they sound. Look, if we have to self-isolate then we might as well introduce our neighbours to some new music too, right? Play Teeth super loud, have a party through the walls. Enjoy!

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