The above states how Tyler wants the record to be heard. If you do it any other way, you won’t get the full picture and appreciation for this record. By no means am I going to thrown in any comparisons here. What Tyler has done, yet again, is make something totally out there and unlike anything else we’ve heard, and will hear.

Igor isn’t a concept album, it’s not a rap album. It’s a straight up masterpiece that goes beyond being lumped into a meaningless genre, and sub-genre. With this record, you truly hear how much of a genius he is. Igor is 39 minutes of heaven. The songs will break your heart, but at the same time you’ll hear just how fantastic Tyler is with words. There is something about him that still needs to be appreciated more, and I feel that he’s overlooked so many times. Maybe he’s the underdog, who knows. But as a fan of his, I just idolise him. I get so excited for any music he puts out because I know that the only thing I can expect is to have my mind blown. I had no idea how Igor would sound, but the thing that you get from Tyler is- never expect anything because he will throw you off.

None of the songs can be labelled as my favourite. Every single song is insanely brilliant, and just effortlessly cool. There’s no fear here in going way off, and that’s something I really admire about T. He just has this way of taking you somewhere with his music that no one else can. Besides, he has Santigold on one of the songs and that alone makes the record great. There’s heartbreak on this record, but the way it is projected just makes you really feel it. It doesn’t leave you crippled in emotional distress. You sort of take on a “Fuck you, I’ll be alright” approach when you listen to it, which for the most part is something that has been evident in a lot of T’s songs.

A Boy Is A Gun is definitely up there as being a poetic masterpiece, it’s the sheer delivery of T’s words and the production too is just brilliant. In fact, the whole record is composed and produced in such a beautiful way. You can truly hear the care and devotion that has gone into this record, and that’s something again, I really respect about T. There are so many tender moments on this record, and these tender moments just make you fall even more in love with him. Puppet is a beautiful, and gentle song that just leaves you in awe of the level that Tyler is at. The whole record just blows you away. I’m honestly at a loss for words here because I really want to write something to truly explain how great this record, but I’m just taking it all in. I’ve played it about 4 times since it came out. I played it on my way to work, twice at work, and now. I can’t get enough of it.

Something I really love about this record is how Tyler goes from delicate songs right into something that smacks you right in the face- prime example of this is how he goes from Puppet to What’s Good.. What’s Good needs to be played ridiculously loud. He delivers his verses with so much energy, and can tame it down in the next breath. I don’t know how he does it, but he does it so well. I’d love to know what goes on in his mind when he makes his records. To just be around him when he’s making music must be so exciting. He makes you sometimes feel you are listening to more than one song at once, and this chaos he brings is so enjoyable. I just absolutely love him, so much. Gone,Gone/Thank You has this beautiful sadness to it. It’ll break your heart, but there is something about that just fills you with joy. He’s outdone himself yet again. It’s lyrically my favourite on the record. The way he really goes for it just blows me away.

This is probably the worst thing I’ve written about a record. Probably because I’m so excited about it, and I don’t know how to put this into words. All I know is that this is one of the greatest records of the year, and for me- Tyler’s greatest record so far. This is one to cling on to. This is one to play when you feel a bit lonely, lost and you just need something to hit you in the soul.

Every single one of these 12 songs is a masterpiece. It’s a record that you need to listen to with your undivided attention, and in order. Do not skip songs. Do not try listen to it on random. Lay on your bed and take the songs in. Go for a long walk, and take it all in. Head out to the beach, and soak in every element of this record. Love this record with all you have, and all you are.


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