Gone are the days where the best band to come from Italy were Litfiba. Gone are the days where you wrongfully assumed all Italy could produce musically, was awful pop music (Eiffel 65…I rest my case.) Italy is home to many great Garage Rock bands. Most have gone unnoticed but there are some such as Freez and Beat Degeneration that are giving us some amazing music. Another band to add to the list are Surf Cassette, a trio from Milan.

Surf Cassette make the sort of music you’d play whilst on a day out at the beach. They don’t make you feel as if you’re listening to a band from Milan. You get a real surfer/lo-fi feel from their music, and makes you think of bands from California that you love and cherish. If you love the likes of Wavves, then you’ll easily love Surf Cassette. Their songs feel like a comforting dream that you aren’t ready to wake up from just yet. Their songs are gentle in all the right places, and have glorious ethereal moments that make you just hit repeat constantly.  Wonder Woman is the song for me that gives off this real dreamy feel, and it’s a song that you can just get completely lost in.

Something I really love about Surf Cassette is their ability to really leave you in awe. The songs are beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful and the vocals are so gentle, and an absolute joy to listen to. You cannot help but feel completely relaxed and fall into a daze as you listen to them. With the rain falling hard in Manchester this evening, Surf Cassette make it still feel like summer with their blissed out style that makes you want to constantly be on holiday.

I love that they do not have a typical Garage Rock sound. They make you feel and think differently compared to others that make this kind of music. Surf Cassette are like that loyal friend who will wander around town with you, talking about nothing in particular, kicking empty cans on the pavement to unleash the boredom and people watching to kill time. They just have this really relaxed feel to their music, and the song Wasted in particular evokes all of this. It’s such a great song to just do a whole load of nothing to.  Lust For Life truly feels like a proper summer song as does Mess In My Head. If you’re lucky enough to live close to a beach, listen to these songs as you wander up and down, soaking up the sun.

There are some beautiful moments on the songs- especially vocally and if you can listen to these songs through headphones, then please do it. The vocals on Rebel are just perfect, and the sheer softness in the vocals and harmonies is just stunning. It really hits you when you listen through headphones, but don’t play it too loud. Just let the song take you over, and soak it all up.

As much as I love music that I can play as loud as I possibly can/can stand, Surf Cassette strip that away. They’re a band that are easy on the soul, they are good for the soul. You don’t need to play them ridiculously loud in order to appreciate how beautiful their music is, but you know- feel free to do so. They make music to waste days to- either on your own or in the company of someone that you cannot get enough of.

They put out a new song, Like A Drug back in June and it’s one of the best songs you’ll hear this year. It’s everything you want from a summer anthem, and you’ll want to keep listening to it- even when the summer fades away and it starts getting dark at 4pm. I can’t get enough of it. I just adore everything about this song, and the band. Like A Drug is easily up there as one of my favourite songs of the year.

I don’t care if it makes me biased, Italy has some amazing bands out right now. For me, the holy trinity is Freez, Beat Degeneration and Surf Cassette. Oh, and I’ll through Sonic Jesus in their too.

Milan may be known for its part in fashion, but Surf Cassette are better than any fashion trend. Listen to the music, and let yourself get completely immersed in it all.

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