I’m all for listening to music that makes you feel as if you’re being smacked in the face, and as my housemates aren’t home- I’m playing my music as loud as I can. This evening I have found an incredible band from Washington called Thee Unsound. There’s three of them and they make some insane noise.

There’s this amazing reverb sound filtering through, and at times the vocals are distorted- but that’s what I’m into. The songs are fast and full of tension, aggression and passion. They all share vocal duties, and each members of the band are excellent musicians. They have this way of really making you feel as if you’re having your face melted by their music, and it’s such a pleasant feeling to experience. I love how unapologetically loud they are. If you’ve heard of Birmingham’s finest, Table Scraps then you’ll definitely love Thee Unsound. Imagine if they toured together! You’d probably be deaf for a while. Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for the ultimate pleasure.

Thee Unsound started out around a year and a half ago. Their first release came out in August 2017. The artwork has this hypnotic psychedelic feel to it, and it sort of sets the tone for the direction of the record. It’ll make you feel light headed and a bit delicate the morning after, but because you won’t remember a thing- you’ll keep on going back to the record. Just to experience that high all over again. If you find a record that can give you this feeling, I can only assume that you rightfully treasure it with all you have. As far as debut records go, this one is phenomenal.

Everything about this record is so well put together- the way the drums clash with the guitar reverb, and how the bass and vocals go together like Nick Cave and Warren Ellis is just out of this world. I know a lot of bands I write about probably only appeal to a handful of people out there, but man…. Thee Unsound are for everyone and if one person who reads this is turned onto them, and becomes a fan- then I’m happy with that. They’re most certainly a band you need to play loud, and often. Go Slow is one of the standout songs for me, but everything I’ve heard so far is just beautiful. Go Slow reminds me of The Kills circa Blood Pressures era. It’s got a real heavy sound with vocals that’ll make you turn to jelly and have you forgetting your name. It’s a proper seductive jam that’ll just drive you wild.

I love Casey’s voice so much. The way she can make it sound fuzzy but not over the top is something a lot can learn from (but not bands I love because they too have mastered the art of it!) She’s got this real ferocious feel to her voice, and it just makes you want to learn the words and scream a long with her. They’re a raw Garage Rock band who make you feel as if it is just you and them. Imagine being in a cramped room with them and they’re just playing the shit out of these songs with such urgency. It just makes you want to sack of daily life, and follow bands around that you love just so you can experience this feeling every single night. Maybe I need to stop thinking of bands so highly but fuck that. Thee Unsound are the best new band I’ve found this year. Easily. There is something about them that I cannot get enough of. I love the loudness and the intimate feel to their songs. I’ve not heard this in a long time, not like this.

Hate Your Way is another close favourite, but I might as well just say I love every single song. It’s impossible to settle on just one. I have no reason to settle for one favourite song, especially when they sound this brilliant. I’m just in awe of them. I’m in awe of how effortlessly brilliant they sound, how they work together and how amazing the songs are. I just absolutely adore this band, and I’ve decided that I’m now their biggest fan. Can someone please bring them to the UK? Thanks.

I think they might be releasing the new single called Naturally, within the next month or so on vinyl. There’s also a cover of I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by The Electric Prunes. Pretty excited to hear their version of that.

Alright, so listen to Thee Unsound and listen loud!

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