If you mix Cold Cave with Sisters Of Mercy you will get the finest thing to have existed from Dewsbury, Violent Light.

Violent Light make delicate love songs but not delicate in a soppy way that’ll make you loathe couples. It’s the kind of love that you can project at a person, or a thing. A place can evoke love in a way a person can’t, and Violent Light really show this in their music. I think they’re quite a new band, and have only just released their first EP- Love And Loss.

The title explains perfectly what the songs touch on, and to be honest they make me want to leave London and head to Dewsbury and go to all their live shows. However, it honestly wouldn’t take much for me to leave London and not come back. It needs to happen and will happen. I’ve mentally given myself a deadline. Love And Loss is a small collection of songs that make you appreciate the unconventional side of things that are conventional. I listened to the record briefly last night and was in awe of what I heard. That feeling is still there now. Violent Light have got this 80s synth sound (think really really early Depeche Mode mixed with my obsession, Cold Cave.)

The songs may last under the 3 minute mark, but they still manage to create this haunting dark atmosphere that gives off a level of comfort for the soul that can only be found in sounds like this. I think Violent Light create the kind of music that is to be heard after a dreary day doing mundane things, then you head to a dark venue to hear this music that’ll give you some much needed relief. The songs are like an exorcism of the soul and unleash questions of the mind in a more elegant settings than most. The songs hold a wealth of freedom and romance- two things vital to get yourself through each passing day.

I love the instrumental start to the EP, Flowers. It takes you on a trip into the unknown. You have no idea how it is going to turn out or what you’re going to hear. When you find a band for the first time, there’s always one song that lures you in first- Flowers does this perfectly. Violent Light are such a new band, it’s hard to tell or predict where their sound will take them. If each song builds you up like Flowers does, then I think they will be just fine.

First To Last is another stunning track and the lyrics are equally beautiful. It reminds me slightly of Love Comes Close by Cold Cave. An almost slowed down comparison. I love bands that have this certain sound. There’s something about it that just takes you some place so secluded and so sacred.

You can stream the EP here:

Today Dewsbury, tomorrow the world.

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