There are many ridiculously good bands from Manchester. Bands that make you want to leave where you live in order to throw yourself into what Manchester has to offer. I’m sure other cities have a decent music scene, but there’s something about Manchester that makes it tower above the rest. Some London crowds are too precious to get murky with their sound, but us Northerners aren’t afraid in the slightest and it shows in so many bands.

Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali are a super group in every sense. From the merge of bands coming together to the fact that they’re bloody brilliant. Drums to send you off into a head spin, guitars that make you feel as if you’ve gone several rounds with Ali, keys to make you feel like you’ve dropped acid and bass to send you off into some kind of heavenly trance. Dreamers and body thrashers shall unite under the sounds of this phenomenal band. With the summer sun luring outside trying to tempt me out on my lunch break, I’ve decided to stay indoors and spend my time wisely by writing about YOUR new favourite band. They’re mine too, but I think that’s a given.

The rule of being in the band is simple and to the point: “The only rule for the band members is they must own at least one leather, any more is a bonus.” Get yourself a leather jacket (or maybe some chaps if you’re feeling liberated) and get yourself to one of their shows. They played London recently, well, Kingston. That’s the wrong side of the river for me (I’d need a holiday to recover from the journey) so I missed out. But you lucky sods in the North can see them real soon here:

7th June – Brudenell Social Club Leeds with The Bohicas
8th June – Soup Kitchen Manchester with The Bohicas
Their sound is that of a proper garage rock band who know exactly what they are doing and how they want to sound. It is loud in all the right places with beautiful smack in the face moments. They are for those who want their music to be a noisy, a bit fuzzy and unlike anything else you’ve heard before. When you listen to them, it’s like “Fuck….I’ve been waiting ages for a band like this!” Basically it’s like, going through a series of shite relationships and dates and finding someone who isn’t a total twat. It does happen!
Get your lugholes round these delights for now:
I’ve already made my mind up about my favourite record of the year, but when we get into EPs I always find there is more to offer. More bands seem to be going down this route and although it can be frustrating at times- PALBMA have got it right. 6 songs that whisk you off into a solid groove that although they leave you wanting more, you are still satisfied. You’re okay with waiting for me. I don’t know when the EP will be out, but it is by far one of the finest things I’ve heard all year. There’s nothing typical about their sound. They’re making noise for ruffians to go nuts to. Seriously, the EP is just a brief showcase into how brilliant they are.
If you’ve done your homework, you’ll know who’s in the band. If you’re lazy, then I’m not going to tell you. But basically, it is the finest Manchester based musicians coming together and creating this excellent dream band.
If you want to treat yourself, you can buy some music and a t-shirt here:
Play loud (Hollow Bones is the one to play extra loud.)

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