Most brilliant music is terrifying or slightly sinister. Psychocandy is the most raw and brutal record I’ve ever heard. Venus In Furs sounds frightening and the subject matter just goes against conventional means- which is why it is so good. Also, Velvet’s song Heroin is a different level of scary. Scary as in it tells the sheer truth in a way most want to turn away from.

But you can create a dark tone to your music with your voice. You can sing about the joys of being in love but make your voice sound so down and out- it’s never what you say, but how you say it. I just enjoy dark, sinister music the most. I want what  listen to, to add a bit of fear in my bones. I want it to make me think. I want it to make me feel unsafe slightly but at the same time, ease everything. In my search for a sound like this, I’ve found one. Sure they only have two songs on soundcloud, but for now that’s all I need to explain why I like them.

The Ligature are a duo from Huddersfield (see, all the best things come from Yorkshire.) That fine fellow, Simon Armitage is from there too. The Ligature are on the same level as another dark synth (not even sure if that is a term!) duo I love, a fine band from London called Natural Assembly. Of course you can put Cold Cave there in the top of that holy trinity of bands.

Empty Hearts is one of the two songs I’ve heard by them, and it sounds like an early song by The Cure-of course it is good. There’s an 80s feel to their sound, but not in that irritating way that every other band seems to want to recreate. Basically (and thankfully) they sound like the good side of the 80s, and not some Wham! kind of rubbish. Chris has  vocals are really reassuring; there is something in his voice that is like a cloak of comfort, it doesn’t matter that The Ligature have a dark sound, you can still find comfort there.

Fortunately, The Ligature are in the studio working on their debut EP which is titled Souvenir and will be out late April. Chris and William will be touring in May, and in August they will be joining The Will To Power on tour. Going by the two songs I have heard by The Ligature, I reckon they’ll be like Cold Cave and have a dedicated but underground fan-base. Cult-like and loyal. I think 1.15am is the perfect time to dive into the underworld that The Ligature have created with their beautifully dark and captivating sound they have created. Falling for something weird and wonderful is always welcomed. I can’t wait to hear their EP.

You can listen to their tracks here:

And also here:

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