I have to be up at 4am because I’m off to Paris in the morning, and although I wish I was asleep right now I thought it’d be a great idea to listen to one of the most rowdy bands I’ve heard in a long long time.

Girl Tears are another West Coast band that I’ve been enjoying lately. Their songs are ridiculously short, and really do feel like a smack in the face- but in a pleasant way. They have a song on their debut release called Dream Baby and it only lasts 21 seconds. Cynics or fools would probably regard this by thinking the band just don’t care. They make noise for a few seconds, then move on. That’s really not the case. Not everything needs to last 5 minutes sending you off into a dream world. Sure I love music like that, but sometimes I want to listen to music that carries on the Ramones legacy. And that is short and brutal songs that pretty much melt your face and burst your ear drums. Girl Tears are more aggressive than the Ramones; I don’t think any of the Ramones were aggressive guys. Joey was a gentle giant. Besides, just because someone makes music like this doesn’t mean they are going to start a fight at any chance they get.

Girl Tears debut record has only been out a month, and I have no idea how many people have heard it. But sadly, I can guess how many have missed out on it. Alright so not everyone is going to like Girl Tears but for those who want something that has bite to it and isn’t all soppy; then Girls Tears are for YOU. They are for EVERYBODY. The West Coast has produced some amazing bands, and Girl Tears are another name to add to that growing list.

Their debut records is like the Ramones having it off with The Cramps. Creepy and unlike anything else around. As I listen to them, I don’t feel like I’m listening to a new band. They take you back in time where music wasn’t afraid to be extreme or out there. Wearing a meat dress or popping out of an egg at an awards show doesn’t make you different. Sticking your tongue out constantly doesn’t make you a rebel- because you’re not rebelling against anything. Bands like Girl Tears are taking a stand against all this. They’re not afraid of standing out or making music that may not be to everyone’s taste. Thank fuck we’re all different!

I’ve played their record about 4 times as I’ve written this, and it’s one of those records that I’m going to remember for a long time. They’re everything I want in a band, and that 4am alarm is becoming less dreadful as I listen to them. If I’m going to stay awake for a while, it might as well be for a good reason.


Buy/listen to the record here:

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