Crocodiles. Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. 2nd October 2013.



I should be asleep. I want to be asleep, but tonight’s show has left me wanting to right about it right now. I can’t switch it off.

This is my second time of seeing Crocodiles full set. I saw them at the end of August, and I was lucky enough to interview them. I said it then, and I’ll say it again- best live band and Brandon and Charlie are two of the most loveliest and genuine people I’ve ever met.

The show at Bethnal Green was phenomenal. There was an undeniable energy in the room and I think it was due to the fact that it was the end of the tour. You could feel that the show was going to be memorable.

Again, Virals were the support act and again they were brilliant. Their set was only around 20 minutes but the crowd were moving their bodies to the tunes. There’s no doubt that I would pay to see them again. A truly brilliant band who deserve a lot more recognition than they get. If you want Ramones kind of songs with gutsy riffs, then you’ll enjoy Virals.

Before Crocodiles came on stage they obviously did a sound check; I had my back to the stage as I was talking to my friend. I felt a hand on my shoulder “Hey Olivia.” I turned around and it was Brandon; he gave me a hug and we both asked how each other was. An unexpected gesture pretty much made my shitty week less shit. I was counting on tonight to be my time to let everything that’s annoyed me go. And did it? Of course.

Crocodiles come on stage and blast through their back-catalogue. There is something about hearing Refuse Angels live that just makes you want to throw your limbs about and gently throttle the person next to you. Maybe don’t do the latter. Songs like Neon Jesus, Mirrors, Teardrop Guitar and Refuse Angel send the crowd into a frenzy. At one point I think there was a mini moshpit going on. Or it could have been a bunch of drunk people having the time of their lives. I think the highlight for most people was the crazy guy that is Omar. He shoved some of us, but who cares!? He was enjoying himself like everyone else does. He disappeared for a bit, but returned at the end for the encore. Someone also stage dived a few times which was cool.

You know a band are one of the best live acts around when they cause the roof to leak. A few of us felt some liquid drip onto our heads, and I think most thought it was someone throwing their drink about. Maybe Omar was getting rowdy at the back! But the ceiling had water seeping through. Crocodiles were close to tearing the roof off Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club!

It’s sad that this is the end of their UK/Europe tour, but I was fortunate enough to see them twice. Each time they’ve given me hope and the ability to let go of my troubles as I watch my favourite band play my favourite songs. Tonight it was Me And My Machine Gun that really did something to me. The hazy guitars allowed me to sway it all out. Of course I sang my heart out to every song and moved around a bit. Crocodiles just loosen you up, and their shows have this raw energy that I can only imagine those who have seen the Ramones live will know what I mean.

What I really loved the most about tonight was seeing the old(er) guy from last time I saw Crocodiles here again. He was stood near me and I could see him enjoying every single song. The crowd was full of people of different ages and races; it was beautiful to see, as always. I could quite happily see Crocodiles play all the time. Their energy is infectious and just brilliant to watch.

Crocodiles are a rare band. There aren’t that many that play with a passion as pure as theirs, and tonight they seemed to give all they had, and the crowd realised that instantly. Each song was played with fury and perfectly. My ears are ringing, my body hurts and so does my throat. I’ve evidently had an excellent time.

I should probably try going to sleep now….

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