I should probably start some kind of support group for my addiction to Soft Power Records. However they are the ones fuelling my addiction and I’m more than okay with it.

They’ve sent me a lot of music that is just exceptional. Especially the likes of Autumns and September Girls. They’re like a tailor-made music service. So when I checked my emails earlier and saw something from them, I knew I was about to listen to something that would be nothing short of brilliant.

Like Autumns, Ancient Times is one person making their own sound. They have each created something that maybe has been done before, but by no means are they a copy. As I listened to Ancient Times I immediately thought of one person who George Smale reminded me slightly of; Morrissey. I imagine those who dislike/don’t get Moz will automatically turn their noses up at this, but whatever. George has a vulnerable voice that flows so beautifully over wonderfully crafted crooked and creepy sounds.  You’d think hailing from the sunny delight that is Brighton he would make music that projects that; well, he doesn’t nor does he need to. His music makes me happy but he doesn’t need to go on about how beautiful everything looks in order to do this. Everyone experiences happiness in different ways, and beauty too.

His latest single, Nightschool/Hieroglyphic is a perfect introduction to the debut vinyl release of such a talent. With the likes of Dirty Beaches proving you do not need to have 5 people in a band to make glorious music; I think Ancient Times is going to be just fine with what he does. When one person puts their all into something, they become more believable and maybe accessible. There are no hidden meanings, just a wealth of passion in his music which is bloody infectious and of course, delightful.

Now I’m not fully aware of the music scene in Brighton. I can only hope Brighton is aware of George and treasures him as he makes his way into the corrupt world of the music industry. But I think he will be just fine. There’s strength in his vocals and poise in his lyrics. He’s going to go far, there’s no denying that.

The vinyl is released  via Soft Power Records on 16th September 2013, and you can listen to it here:


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