A deep, dark confession: One Direction.

Some things are hard to comes to terms with. Some people cry at the end of TV series (I have no idea why) and some people cry when a band they love splits up (the wound of The Long Blondes splitting will never ever heal.) However, there are some things you just have to eventually face up to.

My name is Olivia. I am 26 years old and I like One Direction.

That was harder than coming out. I did it by text to my mum; she doesn’t let me forget. She’s a liberal soul, but she’s not going to accept my fondness of those 5 lads. Considering I used to dislike them, mainly because they were on a “talent” show. Maybe they are the only ones that have possessed an ounce of talent. I have no idea, I don’t follow such shows but over the past few months I feel I have been sucked into the world of One Direction. I wholeheartedly blame my girlfriend. She refers to them as “my boys.” She has no shame about her love for them, and you know what? Why should see?! I’ve been thinking about my fondness of One Direction, and I think it started in April.

My girlfriend went to see them in London with a pal on the Easter Bank Holiday. I’ve never seen a person get so excited over a concert before. As I waited for her later in the evening at Marylebone station, I saw young girls emerge from the escalator with their parents. Holding as much merch as their tiny limbs could carry. They looked insanely happy. For most, this was their first ever concert. My first ever concert was Backstreet Boys. They FLEW through the crowd. I think my mum enjoyed it more than I did. Tatyana Ali was the support; I enjoyed her the most. I know the importance of live music and the first concert a person goes to. It stays with you for the rest of your life. These girls weren’t watching some sad-looking kid with an acoustic guitar stare at the ground singing pretentious prose. They were watching 5 lads putting on a show; for them, it doesn’t end. And for those seeing them for the first time; their love for One Direction more than likely catapulted.

I’ve seen people slag One Direction off. I’ve more than likely been one of them. I loved their first song, then I thought they were a bit shit. I was then played some other songs by my girlfriend and I kind of adjusted to the fact that, they do have talent. I don’t know if they write any of their own songs- but sometimes it doesn’t matter. I’m by no means comparing them to her, but people forget that Billie Holiday, although one of the greatest singers of all time; she didn’t write a lot of her own songs. It’s the feeling you put into a song that makes the singer make it their own- even if they haven’t written it. I doubt One Direction will have a legacy like Billie Holiday, hopefully someone with even a tiny bit of intelligence will understand what I mean.

I recently read an extract from the band’s interview in GQ Magazine, and I was pretty much disgusted that this “journalist” decided to go at Harry’s personal life. He’s 19 years old. Does anyone really want to know about a 19 year olds sex life? Or any age really? I just care about music; and for the most part, I think most do. But society is becoming more voyeuristic isn’t it. There is no doubt that they’ve grown up. Hopefully they’ll stop wearing awful chinos. No one should wear chinos. And they’ll stick with the hair cuts they have. Thousands of teenage girls would weep if young Harry chopped off his curls. I’d be sad too.

I remember telling someone I loved Girls Aloud. Their reaction was, “You can’t like Girls Aloud.” I asked them why, and they said it is because I listen to “strange music.” No, what is strange is people having small minds and thinking a person should limit themselves to one genre. Pop music right now is awful. For the most part. When Girls Aloud were around, they had something that was above the current state of Pop music. It is unexplainable which is what drew you in. It’s what drew me in. That, and the fact Call The Shots is probably one of the best Pop songs EVER. In some respects, I compare One Direction to Girls Aloud. Thrown together without ever meeting each other on a reality show. Written off immediately by a lot, and loved instantly by even more it seemed. One Direction are an accessible boy band because they don’t oil themselves up, do dance routines that are so bad and nor do they take themselves seriously. I recognised this a few weeks ago when I came home from work, put the TV on and saw ITV2 were premiering the video to Best Song Ever. A song which I love a hell of a lot. As for the video? I love it even more. The first three seconds of the video are hilarious. The noise Harry (or Marcel) makes when he brings out Leeroy (Liam) is similar to the noise I made when I met Patti Smith. Leeroy’s camp entrance is excellent. Zayn makes an attractive woman. Louis and Niall portray record company execs in the way most of us see them. The dance routine at the end is similar to moves I have once unleashed. That dance routine should become a craze.

So, apparently I shouldn’t like One Direction because my favourite bands are The Jesus And Mary Chain, and that Morrissey is my musical hero. We like what we like, we dislike what we dislike. To dictate that to someone else is pretty shit isn’t it. Maybe these pre-pubescent girls who love One Direction may hit 18 and decide that Opera is the genre for them. Who cares? Only boring people limit themselves. I can’t imagine just listening to one style of music. I can’t imagine not ever having Townes Van Zandt or Big Daddy Kane amongst my record collection. It’d be dull and lifeless. I’d be dull and lifeless. Shit, maybe I am dull. I have no idea. I don’t think I’m the one who can answer that.

The best thing about music is that people connect over it. It brings people joy. Seeing my girlfriend as happy as she was after seeing her boys was truly beautiful. Hearing these kids talking about the concert with their parents on the train home was wonderful. Live music is more powerful than we think at times. Although I won’t be rushing to see One Direction anytime soon (£50+….no thanks!) I fully appreciate just how much they mean to so many. It’s not just England that adores these boys; it’s everywhere in the world. They’ve achieved more than most will do in their lifetime, and to do it at such a young age, I respect them for it. They are living out their dreams, so instead of announcing your hate for someone who does that, why don’t you go out and live out your own?

My name is Olivia. I’m 26, and I think One Direction are bloody brilliant.

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