MARNIE-The Hunter.



I was sent something today from my pals over at  Soft Power Records. They are easily my favourite label (excluding Art Fag, Zoo Music and Sacred Bones.) They put out strange sounds that just reinforces my love for music. But listening to music at the moment is a painful thing.  On Saturday I was meant to fly home for the weekend. I didn’t go because I had an ear infection. However, I rang NHS Direct and they said it was my teeth and I should go register with a dentist. And also take paracetamol. I went to a Walk-In Centre on Sunday and was told it was a throat infection. I was given antibiotics which were bright pink, and my girlfriend would text me at certain times to remind me to take them. I just wanted to sleep. I went to the doctor yesterday, and I was told it’s an ear infection. My ear drops are bright yellow. Hearing out of my right ear is painful. I don’t trust NHS Direct. I don’t think anyone should. So with a painful ear, I listened to something. I listened to something extremely beautiful.

Who is Marnie?

Marnie is Helen Marnie. She’s in Ladytron. Ladytron make wonderful electro music. Electro music is easy to mess up. It is easy to overdo it and just sound like a child hitting demo. Thankfully, Ladytron never did that. Thankfully Marnie has made something equally brilliant.

I do like Ladytron, I like them a lot. But after listening to Marnie; I think I’ve sided with her solo work just because it sounds a lot more sinister. I don’t want to listen to something that makes me feel like I’m running through a field with kittens (dogs are far better anyway) Marnie makes music that does something to your insides. Something gets lifted inside of you. Her sister sound with this is the likes of Bat For Lashes. She has that eerie feel to her voice that is portrayed so beautifully in Natasha Khan’s voice- Marnie does exactly the same. The vulnerability in Marnie’s voice in The Hunter is absolutely gorgeous. It may be utterly painful for me hear anything, but this is nothing short of stunning. It’s worth the pain. I know I know I’ve made it worse for myself, but music is always worth it.

Her debut record, Crystal World via PledgeMusic for funding. That site has become a platform for all kinds of artists, and without it- maybe music like this wouldn’t be released. Then you have the likes of Soft Power Records who put out 7″ singles, and it just makes everything better doesn’t it.

The Wind Breezes On is an awesome b-side. It feels like an old folk tale. There’s something about it that oozes fight and courage. I can’t really explain it, you just need to listen to it to truly feel it. But if you don’t feel it, I guess that’s okay.

The vocals on her solo work are more clear and in some respects more delicate than what she does in Ladytron but hey- no point in comparing because they are both different. When a singer can do this, that’s when you know they are truly remarkable. Electronic music can be the happiest beat with the saddest lyrics; for some that’s why they love it. That’s why I love it; when it is done like this. It can mask the sadness with ethereal sounds.

A lot of solid music has emerged this year, Marnie is easily at the front of this. If you like Ladytron, hopefully you’ll dig this. Even if you don’t like Ladytron, I think Marnie may offer you something you’ll enjoy.

You can listen to the single here:

The Hunter is released via Soft Power Records on 12th August to a limited amount of 300 copies. The Hunter is produced by fellow Ladytron member, Daniel Hunt.

One thought on “MARNIE-The Hunter.

  1. The whole album Crystal World is excellent, not just the single The Hunter.

    Offtopic: I recommend you a great song, “Violet Haze” by Everything By Electricity. I think you will like it.

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