Last night I claimed to have found one of the best new bands. This evening I was sent another band which I can equally describe as that.

Whistlejacket are enthralling. They have a dream-like sound which is found in the likes of Savage Sister and Tamaryn. One listen isn’t enough, you’ve just got to keep playing. They have a haunting feel that cemented The Cure’s sound. They are on that level of brilliance.

They don’t have many songs on their Soundcloud page, but what they do have is enough to know that they deserve to be one of the biggest new bands around. Much like Bare Pale who I wrote about last night, they have a sound that is nothing like the “typical” London scene. It’s like they’ve acknowledge it in their own way, and shun it. There’s nothing wrong with this. Bands like The Horrors I feel were one of the few that encouraged bands to make music that sounded like nothing else. It didn’t have a futuristic glow nor did it fill you will nostalgia. It just went somewhere else, and keeps you in a solid state of mind.

I cannot tell you the best way to listen to Whistlejack, but if you’re looking for a way to truly get what they are about-play it through headphones with your eyes shut. Let the music fall from one ear into the other. The sounds swirl around in your brain. Leaving you speechless after every song, and just wanting more. For a new band to immediately do this is something truly rare and remarkable. Will this band get the recognition they deserve? I have no idea, but I truly hope they do.

Some really exciting news about them is that they are supporting Loom when they take up a 4 date residency at The Black Heart in Camden. I urge you to go, stand at the front and feel your brain implode from standing too close to the speakers.

They make music that will appeal to those who long for music of substance and for those wanting to re-live a time where music had something of worth. Of course it does now, you’ve just got to ignore certain outlets. Whistlejacket are the band that John Peel would have fallen off his seat listening to out of sheer joy and been in awe of their talent if he got them to do a Peel Session. They’d go down as putting on one of the greatest sessions, but sadly….sadly that will never happen. But I am confident that he would have loved Whistlejacket.

Whistlejacket play with the fresh enthusiasm that is missing in a lot of bands. They make music because they love it, not because some overweight CEO is dangling a carrot in front of their eyes like a tormentor would do to a rabbit. There’s a movement happening in the fair city of London, and it’s not the kind that is getting the exposure it deserves. So play them as loud as you can; people need to pay attention to this.

You can listen to their captivating sounds right here: https://soundcloud.com/whistlejacket

And hey, if you’ve got an annoying neighbour who plays drum & bass or something equally as vile as that, then play Whistlejacket as loud as you can. Not just to show your neighbour you’re pissed off, but because it just sounds so good loud.

Make sure you catch them with Loom from September. The noise, the sweat, the bruises and possibly blood will probably be one of the best gigs you’ll go to all year.

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