Since working, staying up until 4am to find new music wouldn’t really go well in my favour. Functioning on 3 hours sleep would turn me into a hormonal teenager. Being a functioning adult is hard, but it could easily be worse. Everyone works in different ways. Some ways are obviously questionable but no one should ever judge. I used to live off custard creams and cheap squash because I had nothing. All I could was stay up late. I seemed to be waiting for something. I realised I was waiting in the wrong place. A place where nothing (good happens). I grew up and left. I found things along the way. Some things I’ve already forgotten, but maybe they weren’t worth remembering. It’s a normal hour and I’ve found a new band to fall in love with.

Bare Pale are a three-piece from London. They posses an eerie Shoegaze sound. Haunting and brilliantly chilling (I don’t mean in a relaxed way.) It’s the kind of music that used to keep me up at 4am. Now it’s the kind of music I just listen to at any time.

Bare Pale are three guys who make music that doesn’t sound like the “typical” London scene. There’s probably only one other band that aren’t falling under that trap and that’s Loom. Both bands are making their own kind of noise in their own kind of way that is accessible to anyone but found only by those who truly want to be moved. Moved in a way that shakes everything bad out of your brain and pours some goodness into your soul.

They only have a handful of songs, but it is enough for me personally, to know that they’re pretty much above anything else I’m listening to right now. They make music that is perfect for these intensely hot days. I could listen to these guys on the tube into work and not really care for the obnoxious stench of sweat that pours out of some passengers. Makes the commute a little easier.

Rub It In is so far my favorite song by Bare Pare. They have a West Coast mood to their music that amounts to them creating a brilliant lo-fi vibe. They make music that makes you glad to be young and in love. If you can get to old and in love with the same person, then you’ve both done something right. Bare Pale are a band that you can kill time to but also create beautiful moments to. You can laze about to them or you can go create your own fun. I just think they are one of the most exciting bands I’ve heard in a long time.

If those pretentious Music Journalists get hold of Bare Pale they will no doubt compare them to the first band they can think of. It’s lazy and insulting to the band. I really can’t think of a band they sound like, which is why I love them. If I wanted a band that sounded like whoever-I’d go listen directly to that band. It’s easy to throw about pointless comparisons, but ever so silly. I just love Bare Pale’s fuzzy sound. It takes you to a place that is calm; I guess they just give you a hint of peace in a world that’s full of rage. As relaxed as their sound is, if you listen real close you can hear hints of frustration coming through.

I can only hope they get heard by millions but you know what people are like, they listen when it is too late. But, whatever. I love them. Maybe someone who reads this will love them too. You can listen to their intense yet beautiful sounds right here:

London should be proud to have produced a band like Bare Pale. VIVA MUSIC! Or something….

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