Amidst my daily emails of job rejections and doctors in Ghana asking me to transfer money to them (it’s spam, I don’t have ties to any doctors) I was sent something I actually wanted to read. Another band has got in touch; every time this happens I question why me they ask. I’m just someone who really loves music and writes as a fan. I think I answered my own question there. Anyway, moving on.

Savage Sister are like that dream you once had and continuously try force yourself to have again and again. You force yourself to remember certain parts as you are drifting in and out of sleep. Their dreamy vibe will appeal to those who adore the likes of Tamaryn. They just make music that is so pure and entirely perfect for the soul. You could listen to Savage Sister, and be having the worst day imaginable but there is something about this duo that just fills your bones up with so much hope. We need more music to do this. I guess this is why you could regard listening to the likes of Savage Sister as a sacred experience.

I know people who find new music and daren’t share it with others- as if they own the band. What a silly way to be. You see, as I listen to Savage Sister, whilst it remains feeling quite sacred, I truly want others to listen to them and feel the same way I do. Michael and Chloe make music that just fills you up with such positive energy and so much love. They sway your body so gently (in a Warpaint kind of way) and soothe your soul. Their music comes from a place that is pure and heavenly; I cannot thank them enough for emailing me.

They have a light take on the Shoegaze style; meaning they aren’t too heavy and the bass doesn’t rupture your eardrums. They mix it with a generous dose of dreamy vocals and enlightening guitar strums. They honestly take you to some place wonderfully magical. I remember when I first heard Tamaryn and Warpaint; I continuously searched for that feeling ever since. In this case, it found me.

The glorious Tiger Lamp (which you can listen to here: is a song you should play as the sun goes down, and you are left alone with nothing but whatever is going on in your head. It projects clarity back into your life and gently guides you where you need to go. Tiger Lamp is everything I love about music. I simply cannot put it into words, all I know is that I feel a sheer sense of joy as I listen to Savage Sister’s music.

The Chicago based duo are set to release their debut record in June, and going by what I have heard so far I think it is going to be one of the best things to happen this year. Favourite new duo? For sure. If I was musically inclined, this is the kind of music I’d make. I love how they place the listener in a dream-like state. Sometimes it is the best way to be. The vocals conjure up a trance-like being. To find fault in them would be entirely foolish, as would ignoring them. A glorious band who evidently make music from the heart and with so much soul.


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