SAY LOU LOU-Julian/Fool Of Me.


My obsession with my favourite twins has catapulted. This is delayed. So very delayed. I think it’s because I am still hooked on Maybe You. Part of me didn’t want to let that song go. I didn’t want to love another song as much as I loved Maybe You, maybe I couldn’t.

Turns out I could. Turns out I can. And I do.

I’ll start with the B-side to Julian first. Fool Of Me features the insanely talented Chet Faker (listen to his music if you don’t know.) Fool of Me is incredibly haunting and so beautifully melancholic. It has such sadness to it that just causes your heart to ache and break; even if you feel perfectly fine. I think this is why I adore Say Lou Lou. They manage to make such beautiful music, but it contains so much sadness. I remember when I first heard Maybe You and it was the sheer delicate tones of the music that got me hooked. Fool Of Me has done exactly the same. Fool Of Me touches on the painful aspect of love, something that may or may not happen to us all. If it’s happening to you, then this song is going to rip you apart. Say Lou Lou’s vocals on this is just..I just wish there was a word to describe it. I don’t think there is a word good enough. The pleading the pours out in the lyrics is so gorgeously heart-breaking, you cannot help but feel some sort of attachment. Or maybe that’s because I am far too sentimental for my own good. The last-minute of the song feels like some kind of awakening; as if you were waiting for this moment. With their delicate voices and Chet’s handsome vocals, Fool Of Me is just divine. As sad as it is, it is easily one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. The pain that is in the words that Say Lou Lou sing is enough to break the hardest of hearts. As you listen to the song, you realise that no one else but Chet could feature on this song. Sometimes the saddest of songs are the best ones.

The single, Julian is nothing like Fool Of Me. Julian is pure devotion to the one you love. Doing all you can to get the one person you love to you. Mending their heart and getting them across the border. That is true love. What I adore about Say Lou Lou is how they are so delicate with their music. The lyrics are full of care, and even when about pain- still full of love. It is like they could never be mad at anyone because they love them so much. I think we all strive to be like that, but I suppose at times it could be hard. I’m far too soft, so I wouldn’t know. All I know is that Say Lou Lou are the epitome of being in love. Their music just pours out love. Their music makes you feel like you are in love, even if you’re not. There is something about Say Lou Lou that makes them so sacred. Listening to them is a pure experience, but sacred at the same time. This is how I felt when I first heard Warpaint. Say Lou Lou have a dainty vibe about them; you must listen to them with the utmost care. Say Lou Lou will get you through any trails and trauma you may face. It is almost as if they fill you with reassurance. You may feel utterly dishevelled but they manage to make you feel alright.

Both songs have the capability to reduce the listener to tears for different reasons. Fool Of Me, because it reminds you of a pain you once felt. Julian, because it reminds you of the one you love and all you want to do is love and protect them for the rest of your life. Say Lou Lou are a stunning duo, and because they are twins they have a bond that is stronger than most. I’ve yet to see them live but I reckon they’d just leave you in awe; more than they do on record. I still stand by they are one of the best new bands around. I think I declared that when I heard Maybe You. I’m not easily swayed, so I am sticking with this.

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