THE CREEPING IVIES-Spinning(video.)



I’ve backed The Creeping Ivies for some time now. When I saw they finally had some merch out, I had to buy a shirt. I wear it with complete pride; proud that I’m a fan of such an incredible band. A band that have the backbone of a genre I hold very close to my heart (Punk) mixed with this insanely good lo-fi/Garage Rock feel. It is just perfect. Becca and Duncan are perfect; and they completely and utterly reinforce my love for duos, and why I love duos.

This evening they put out the video Spinning which is taken from their stunning debut record, Stay Wild. The video sees them stomping around mixed with a live performance. To be honest though, they could have made a video and done nothing at all and I’d think it was wonderful. I just absolutely love them a hell of a lot.

If you like music that shakes up your soul and leaves you feeling a bit sinister; then The Creeping Ivies are for you.

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