AUTUMNS-Keep On Sinking.



Keep On Sinking is distorted and hypnotic. Very loud and raw. It makes you want to thrash your limbs about in a careless manner. It doesn’t matter if you break stuff or your bones; this is the perfect music to do it to. One person making a lot of noise.

His obscure sound is incredible. One person doing this. ONE.PERSON. I’ve written about him before, and I’m trying to think of something else to say that doesn’t involve me repeating what I’ve already said. It’s allowed anyway. My blog, my rules. If all music sounded like this I’d be very happy. But we need different sounds and things to acquire peoples tastes. This isn’t for everyone, I have no idea why. But these things happen. When I was sent his music from Bek at Soft Power I was genuinely happy that music like this was being made. In my head I always thought music like this was being made in secret, maybe it still is. It is perfect for dark basement bars that are crammed full of people who really really love music. That’s who Autumns is for. He makes music for those who really really love and adore music. Keep On Sinking just shows that.

The video is brilliant too. There’s a cute cat in it, stuff gets broken and some other stuff gets set on fire and you can watch it here:

The debut cassette is out RIGHT NOW. It came out today and you can get it right here:

The b-side to Keep On Sinking is the wonderfully moody Who Would Have Thought. You know maybe it could be too soon to call out what the best single of the year is, so I’ll just say that Autumns is the best new artist of 2013. I refuse to be swayed on that. Every single part of me is saying he is. I never doubt brilliance or talent when I hear it.

Christian is a genuine talent, making the best brutal music around. Rambunctious to the core; it just makes my ears extremely happy.

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