I sometimes become a fan of bands based on their names. If they have a strange name, I will make sure I listen to them enough times to become a fan. I’ve bought many records based on artwork, and fortunately I enjoyed it. That’s as good as my luck seems to go. It’s okay, because I love music more than most things. I’d choose it over a lot a of things. I listened to Dum Dum Girls based on their name, The Kills based on their name and a load of others- it’s worked out well so far. Chicks Who Love Guns was another one that won me over with their name too.

Deptford Goth is another I can add to my list. It’s not really a list. I don’t like lists, mainly because I’m not really a fan of organising stuff. Making plans is my idea of hell. Anyway.

Daniel Woolhouse aka Deptford Goth is making the kind of music that makes you want to stay cooped up in your bedroom making spacious music causing the listener to feel as if they are floating through time. Bypassing everything that is awful and finding something beautiful. If only this could happen in “real life” then maybe we’d all be a bit happier. His record, Life After Defo is out on Monday. I’ve heard it and I’m in love with it. This isn’t an album review. If you want a review of it, check Music Broke My Bones website today at some point, I sent in my review. Hopefully you’ll dig it and go buy the record. You don’t need to me tell you though; just buy it anyway.

We’ve got people like Youth Lagoon to The Weeknd making music that has this gorgeous atmospheric vibe to their music that just makes you feel as if you are in some dream like state. You feel as if nothing can touch you as you listen to it. The same goes for Deptford Goth, but he has that Burial feel going on; he makes you want to wander around in the dark with nothing or no one around. Everything is desolate bar your mind. It could be an unhealthy way to look at it, but some musicians just make you feel this way. Personally, I think it’s an excellent thing to take away from music. Twinges of loneliness are healthy. Why would you want to be surrounded by people all the time? The headaches, the noise and their meaningless words. Just saying things with no worth in the hopes to be heard. It’s dull and boring.

Deptford Goth has a lot to say. His vulnerable vocals and straight to the heart lyrics will make you feel at times, he’s living inside your head. I’m aware that teachers/teaching assistants are vital. But thank goodness Daniel sacked that off and went towards music. He just has this exquisite world he has created with his music, if Life After Defo isn’t hailed as one of 2013’s highlights then I think something is seriously wrong.

His music will find lost souls and provide much-needed comfort. An escape route for the mundane and tumultuous trials of everyday life. He is just utterly perfect.

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