I really like The Band In Heaven because they’re weird. People try to be different because they don’t want to be like anyone else, they try really hard and they just look really silly. You see through it. They go home, and they watch the same deathly boring tv shows as everyone else. Behind closed doors they are like every other person you pass. When you see them in the street, they act a certain way just so they seem unlike anyone else. This just makes them fake and full of bullshit. I have a point..and I’ll get there. Skip this part and just listen to The Band In Heaven. Or if you want to torture yourself, you can carry on reading.

The Band In Heaven do not try hard to be unlike anyone else. They don’t try hard to have this weird vibe about them. I’ve gone through most of their back catalogue and it just sounds so effortless. We are forced to fawn over bands who evidently won’t last and have nothing about them. The Band In Heaven do sound like what you would hear as you reached the end of your life. Well, I would anyway. I don’t know what my view on Heaven/Hell is. How can you have an opinion on something that happens when you die? You can’t come back and tell anyone about it. I guess you make up your own mind on it, just to get you through. So you don’t shit yourself when you die (actually, you do shit yourself when you die because..well, you know. ANYWAY.)

They fall in the Shoegaze category, well they pretty much pick up where others left off. They aren’t like The Jesus And Mary Chain. Which is good because I love them, and I don’t want another. I was looking for something new/different and I’ve found it. They have the same amount of fury in their sound like TJAMC did, but that’s it. There’s no obvious 60s girl group influence here. They have a more space-like feel to their music. It’s as if they want you to fall into some trance and feel complete after you’ve listened to them. Again, this could just be me couldn’t it.

I really like the way their song High Low starts and eventually becomes this hazy and mystical trip. Their music may make you lucid. Or maybe you’ll just think everyone else around you is insane and you’ve got everything figured out. I doubt anyone ever has got anything figured out. You can never be sure. A healthy amount of doubt is just fine to carry around. They’ve just managed to take influence from other bands/genres and made something of their own. Not many bands have done this, or can do this in such a way.

The Band In Heaven have this ethereal yet haunting feel to their music. Something which I always look for. If it doesn’t make me feel like I’m somewhere else or if it doesn’t leave me feeling slightly creeped out; I don’t want to know. They do this, and more. A hell of a lot more. They’re the kind of band that younger generations should listen to and want to start a band. The talent they posses to make you want to start your own movement is incredible.

If your life is a boring mess (I can relate) and you want something to make you feel human for a while, then give them a listen. Most of what they have done can be found here:

They are the kind of band that you want to hear in your dreams. Or walk around at night guided only by hazy street-lights that you stare at for so long, everything goes blurry. They’re just stunning.

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