Dum Dum Girls-Wish You Well (demo.)


Today was abysmal, but has been made a hell of a lot better by my FAVOURITE band putting up a demo.

I think anyone who has the un/fortunate experience of talking to me about music will ALWAYS have my love for Dum Dum Girls expressed. For me, they’re not just a band. You see, Dee Dee’s words have provided a crutch for me since 2009. I Will Be blew me away, Only In Dreams got me through hell. And their two EPs and countless b-sides have provided me with more than enough to get through dreary and dark days, like today. I haven’t wanted to write in a while, but the new Dum Dum Girls demo has given me a slight hint of inspiration.

Wish You Well may just be a demo, but no part of me wants Dee Dee to change any of it. It has a haunting and vulnerable vibe to it that makes you fall even more in love with Dum Dum Girls. Dee Dee has the power and strength that is found in the likes of Patti Smith and Shirley Manson; two women which I regard as the ultimate role models. Dee Dee will no doubt be regarded as highly as these two amongst fans of the Dum Dum Girls.

Wish You Well has been described by Dee Dee as a “demo lullaby” and to be honest, there is no better description. I could happily have this on repeat until my eyes became heavy and I could no longer battle sleep. From an entirely selfish point of view, this song is what I need right now. It’s more than enough to pull through. Her delicate words are married together with Sammy Nikdel’s echoing and ethereal guitar playing.

Dum Dum Girls have no set sound, but they always ALWAYS do one thing to me and that is heal. There aren’t many bands or singers that can do this in such a careful and thoughtful manner. I just adore the band and Dee Dee’s way with words. It isn’t just music; it is poetry. They aren’t just a band; they are a way of escaping the cold (even in a metaphorical sense.)

Regardless of how this song turns out, with it just being a demo for now, it is divine. A simple piece of heaven and I really cannot wait for record number three. Dee Dee, thank you. Just..thank you.

You can listen to the demo here: https://soundcloud.com/wearedumdumgirls

One thought on “Dum Dum Girls-Wish You Well (demo.)

  1. Thanx for the post, looks like they took the Soundcloud demo down. Do you know where we might find a stream or mp3 of this song to hear? Thanks

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