One person can make so much noise it feels like a riot in your head. With no control over your body, you just let it happen. You become like jelly, and in your head; you’ve never felt better. The worst thing any music writer/critic/journalist/whatever can say about a band/singer is “THIS IS SO NOW.” Music has no time. It is timeless and at its best, inspiring. Scenes come and go. Like friends, enemies and pets. Nothing is permanent, and if it was I think it’d freak a lot more people out.

A freak out ensued when I heard Autumns. Autumns is one person, and you can call him Christian. When you listen to his music, you may think he’s from the hidden depths of an American town that is populated by feral animals and desolate buildings. He’s not. He’s from Derry and he is only 19 year olds. He’s the Derry version of Dirty Beaches. Meaning; he is one person making the most beautiful noise all by himself. He writes, plays and records everything himself. He does it with heart, soul and sheer passion. He makes you want to pick up a guitar and thrash about, unleashing all the fury your bones can contain. He has this infectious raw energy which projects into this brilliant rambunctious sound he has created.

The term that’s been used to describe his music (which started as a joke) is “Bedroom Wall of Sound.” The thing is, when you listen to his music, even straight away- you know that this is the only way to describe it. His music is refreshingly free of any genre/silly sub-genres. It is just a delight to hear something so pure.

The reverb in the guitar and his wonderfully muffled voice is everything I love about music. You can tell that Christian is a music obsessive. Especially as the two-track cassette will be released on my favourite label, Soft Power Records. The tape comes out on the 15th April, but be quick because there aren’t many copies being made. Get your mucky hands and eager ears on this.

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