FEATHERS are the most blissed-out band I ever did hear. I’ve heard a lot of bands that are similar to them before, and I know I throw my love about for some bands around all too freely (I just love music) but with Feathers; it is genuine. It’s always genuine. Yet there is something about Feathers that is just so perfect, it’s hard to believe a band like this exist. I don’t know where to place my joy right now. Being shown a band like Feathers or the delight at the lineup of this year’s Primavera Sound festival…THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN AND NICK CAVE ON THE SAME LINEUP. Fuck you if you’re not getting excited over that. I’m far too excited about it; but I know I won’t be going. So my excitement as ever, is null and void. In my head and heart; I will be there. Imagine if they toured together. I’m going to have a hernia if I carry on thinking about that. So, FEATHERS.

Feathers are as delicate as their name. Their sounds gently flow in and out of your ears. I’ve only heard 3 songs but I know they’re going to be incredible. They have a song (which is their debut single) called Land Of The Innocent. It’d fit perfectly in some dystopian film. It has a highly haunting vibe to it, but it leaves you immersed in awe. I’ve had it on repeat for a while now. I don’t think I know what the stop button is right now. The vocals are simply perfect. The purity that comes through makes you wish you could sing. Makes you wish you could be as fascinating as this band. All you can do is take in their music, and act as if it was written for you.

Feathers have that relaxed feel that Warpaint have; except Feathers have synths. Synths can be overbearing and just crap at times. Feathers use them wisely. Much like the likes of Cold Cave do. There’s a hidden darkness here which is married into the synths. Female Cold Cave? Why not. Why bloody not. There is something about Feathers that just sends you into another universe. One full of hidden pieces of heaven that is sacred to you, and only known by you. These glorious sounds are enough to cheer up the most grumpy souls (ie:ME!) Their music elevates the soul, purifies the mind and makes the body want to flail around like a careless drunken dancer. Just let them take you over, because I doubt any other band will this year.

They have a song called Soft which sounds nothing like Land Of The Innocent. This one has more of a German electro feel to it with a hint of the New Romantics era. I think I have found my ideal band of the year. I’m utterly blown away by how brilliant a band can be, with not even a single/record out yet. Their debut record is out this year, thankfully. I doubt I could wait. I’d probably fall victim to some form of madness, a desperate bout of insanity because I craved a record. It’ll happen one day (it’s actually happened as I wait for the new Warpaint record, I need it NOW.)

Feathers are nothing short of divine. I know nothing about them but I do know I have fallen hopelessly in love with their music. Thank goodness a band like this exist.

You can (and should) listen to them here: https://soundcloud.com/#ffeatherss

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