“And their kindness was not a weakness.
And when they were there they were there for you.”

I’ve magically, and much to my horror got some form of flu going on. It’s probably just a cold, but this feels worse. My eyes hurt, glands are swollen and everything tastes of metal. I just wanted to enjoy a cup of tea; but it didn’t down too well. Cough medicine that tastes like sweets doesn’t always help, but it tastes nice. I don’t want that strong stuff that looks like piss from an angry Bull. No thanks. I want something that tastes like Skittles and takes me longer to get better. For I am a wuss, and I do not care.

So, with all this sickness building up inside of me I awoke this morning to discover Suede had a new song out. I was dreading it because I didn’t want it to be shit. Then I thought to myself, “SUEDE HAVE NEVER BEEN NOR WILL THEY EVER BE SHIT.” I couldn’t face another disappointment so early in the year. Don’t fail me, don’t fail me.

I sat and listened. Intensely and lovingly. I listened.

I’m still listening.

The opening chords got me in the heart. The opening chords remind me as to why I love Suede. I will always back new bands, but I’m sorry. When a band I have loved since I heard Animal Nitrate in 1992 come back with a new song; I am going to place them above all. Suede have always had a place in my heart that allowed me to enjoy music in a different way. With a new album set to come out in March, I think it will change again how I listen to music.

For me, I regard Brett Anderson as one of the greatest songwriters ever. Everyone was always “Oasis or Blur.” Neither bands appealed to me. I didn’t want “lad” songs nor did I care for dull anthemic sounds. I wanted poetry. I wanted lust. I wanted something darker but purer. I found everything I wanted in Suede. Flamboyantly dapper with his words, Brett Anderson manages to capture everything in a way no other does. I just love them more than my brain is allowing words to form.

Barriers shows their genius once more, but then again; if you love Suede, you love them for life. Nothing can rip you away from them. They are your safety net. They have the songs that describe your life in all its gory and glory. Perfection in a wonderful form. Barriers is going to be one of the best songs you will hear all year, and the record Bloodsports will be one of the best records we are blessed with too this year.

Don’t give in completely to new band hype, because they may not last as long as some of the greats(such as Suede) have lasted.

You can get the song for free here:

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