Lunatics On Pogosticks.

Why do the things you ought to when you can be distracted by something else. Something much more pleasurable, it’s just finding it I guess. Naps are good. I went to my room to read earlier, turned out I needed to sleep much more than I needed to nap. There’s no point to this, I’m just rambling on. Because I can; so I do.

Do you dislike modern life? Modern music? Is everything dragging you down? It is a chore isn’t it. I understand, I really do. I’ll make it a tad easier. Here’s a new band that make you feel like you are watching The Gruesomes and Count Five back in 60-something. You okay with that? Good.

Lunatics On Pogosticks not only have an awesome name, but the music they make is going to blow your mind. If you don’t understand or dig garage rock, then you’re missing out. There’s a chunk of you missing out on something just brilliant.

These ruffians from Australia make pure garage rock with this obscure lo-fi feel to it. Yeah yeah, you’ve heard it all before. I know. Except, this time you haven’t. This is different. Yeah, and I know you’ve heard words like this before; but I only back bands I believe in (I’m no John Peel or Lester Bangs, but I wouldn’t sit here and write about something I hated would I.) Lunatics On Pogosticks make music that sends your mind wild and your body into a convulsion like no other. You don’t recover from this, you just go deeper into it by the day. It’s like a sickening form of romance. But this is good for you, and won’t make you throw up. Not like romance does. That’s a different subject matter.

Maggie Cassidy is a gentle ode that you simply must hear. It’s so innocent and pure. Not a typical love song, which is why it is enjoyable. So far I think my favourite is Grief and Noise. Both tracks are taken from their most recent release, Medicine For Da ‘illin which was released 20th October.

Their self-titled EP is louder. More brutal than their latest release, which is probably why I’ve taken to it instantly. It’s much more fuzzy, whereas Medicine is bit more blissed out. Medicine is the longing for the summertime surrounded by friends. The self titled EP is the seclusion and desire to hibernate. I like the summer, but I like hiding out for a while. Both have instantly earned a firm place in my heart.

Bands like this make me excited about music. And as a grumpy bugger, this is something I always search for. Songs like You’re Only A Rebel From The Waist Downwards are just so fucking GOOD. A real, raw basement band that deserve your time. Or maybe you deserve their time. You’ve earned it; you’ve been waiting long enough.

Here, enjoy :

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