Strawberry Whiplash.


My love for duos is forever professed here. Sometimes I am coherent about it, sometimes (most of..) I just sound like a rambling fool. I’m not sure if I know how to write with structure on here. Anywhere else, I can do so. I guess it’s because I have the freedom to rant here. So rant I shall do. The rants are filled with passion and love. Just be glad you are not sat near me when I really get into talking about something I love. Sometimes I need to be handed a glass of water and told to have a lie down. It’s for the best. I know when to shut up. I do enjoy the quiet. Probably more than I should.

Scotland is the home of amazing music. I base this on my love for Shirley Manson and The Jesus And Mary Chain. I also have a part of my heart dedicated to Camera Obscura. Scottish musicians seem to posses a delicate tone to their music. You know, although The Jesus And Mary Chain were quite dark and bold, there was such a vulnerability to their lyrics. That lone made them delicate. It is one of the many reasons as to why they are my favourite band of all time. I don’t think there are enough hours in the day for me to even try to express my love for them. But let’s move onto another band from Scotland. A band that provide comfort and joy.

Strawberry Whiplash are a duo from Glasgow. They make music that makes your soul smile and heart glad that it’s beating. They have an innocence to their music that is found in playground games. They posses a truth that is found at 3am when the world just won’t leave you alone. They’re the cure to the night before.

Strawberry Whiplash make you want to go on holiday with the one you love. An unplanned trip to anywhere you want; the world is yours. They make you want to get away, but not alone. They destroy all feelings of loneliness. They rid you of any bad feelings you may have had. They just ooze sheer joy. If you want to experience something pure and truthful, then listen to Strawberry Whiplash. They are the kind of band you listen to whilst watching the rain beat against the window. You wish you could go outside, but they provide a warmth that not even your favourite jumper could give. This is music from the soul to the soul.

They  released Hits In The Car this year on Matinee Records, which you can listen to a few songs from here :

For those who love the likes of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart or Camera Obscura, you’ll probably find a home in Strawberry Whiplash. You can find more (and buy their records) here :


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